Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look What's Down the Street!

You know how you get in the car, hook your seat belt and away you go to your destination. And you watch traffic and stop at all the stop lights and signs. And you are thinking of what you need to get, do, and or what's for supper. All the while you really don't notice the things around you.

Evidently, that is what I have done.. for days now. I was bringing one of my grand girls home with me this afternoon and she saw this! About a block down the street from my house! We just had to take a picture. She and I were both amazed. Now there are 3 children in that house, 2 boys and a girl, none of whom are beyond grade school yet. So one or all are quite the artist!

When we saw this snow elephant, it reminded me of a blogger a while back that posted about being at an ice sculpture show and contest. If I could remember who, I would gladly give them credit(the memory is going!), but I can't. The sculptures were truly beautiful and took at lot of skill. But age for age I think our local artist did a remarkable job!

I would never have thought to try something like this...all I've ever attempted was a snow man using 3 graduated -slightly-out-of -round balls of snow. So I congratulate the inventiveness, the originality and the imagination of the artist(s)!!

And by the way.. take some time to observe what is around you!

Now for a side note... I won't be posting for a few days. About 3 weeks ago the dropped ceiling in our living room fell. Literally fell down around us! We took the rest of it down and now the back-ordered tile are in. So we are going to be busy putting it up these next few days. How fun!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is too funny that you didn't see the snow elephant before your grand pointed it out. WE do get into ruts.

Good luck with the ceiling project. You will feel so 'spring cleaned' when finished.

Beth said...

A snow elephant! How fun! With all the snow we have here, we should put the whole town to work building the animals of Tanzania, probably even enough left over for Mt. Kilamanjaro!

Happy tiling, see you next week.

Cheryl said...

Your post today really made me smile. As the saying goes "we look but sometimes just don't see"
Hope you get your ceiling done without any hassle. Will miss your posts and comments.

beckie said...

Thank you all for the wishes for the ceiling. It has been many many years since we have tackled remodling!

Beth, wouldn't that be fun to do a zoo, and a mountain!

Lisa and Cheryl, Not only and I getting old, but I guess blind as well!

Travis said...

Thanks for your comment.. Unfortunately I am in a third floor condo with no garden area. Sorry to hear about you ceiling. Best of luck.

Carol said...

Maybe these are the other snow sculptures you saw around the blogosphere...

Good luck with your ceiling project. My neck is stiff just thinking about it.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Mary said...

Beckie! I hope that ceiling doesn't cause much trouble for you! Ugghhhhh.

I agree that everyone should pay attention to what wonderful things there are around us - if we only take the time to pause...

That snow elephant is the first one I have ever seen. I would have stopped, too.

Good job!