Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Taking care of business-Violets that is!

Well, I'll admit, it is not a pretty picture . Poor babies were crying for help!! So on this rainy blustery afternoon, I took pity on them.

I have a wonderful garden window in my kitchen above the sink that faces east. It is the perfect spot for violets. The window was my dream when we remodeled years ago and I have not been sorry. It brings so much light and space into my very tiny kitchen. Before we had to cut down the trees that were outside of it, I watched birds and squirrels while doing the (ugh!!) dishes. Now all I have to look at besides my plants are the neighbors!

Back to the violets. I had about ten plants in three pots. Some were ones I had started years ago from leaf cuttings and they have multiplied. An experiment that worked! The others were gifts from some time back.
I got out extra pots and filled my sink with soapy water with a little bleach added. While the pots were soaking(to get rid of the nasties) I unpotted, separated and cleaned off all the dead stuff...a technical term.
With my pots all clean and dry, I put a used dryer sheet(a tip off a gardening show!) in the bottom and added fresh gravel for drainage. New potting soil was added next. I made sure the soil in the bags was dry and loose this time. This past summer when I bought potting soil for outdoors, it was like mud in there when I opened the bag. I did use it but was sorry. It dried like concrete around my plants! The violets were added and I think I heard sighs of relief! I put the pots on those little clear plastic drip trays and am planning on getting aquarium gravel to put in there. That done, I will add water to the gravel. I remember reading that violets like humidity. (Can you tell I am not much of a true violet authority?)
Now all seven pots are back on their newly cleaned shelves just waiting for the sun to come out. They do look happy. And so will I be when I have to do dishes again. Now, if I just had the houseplants done!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Way to go Beckie. I could hear a whoop of joy coming from your violets. They look good.

I don't have luck with violets. I don't know why??

beckie said...


I think having the east facing window is the biggest plus, and I think being above the sink they get lots of humidity which they love. Also, I don't over mother them1

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Beckie, welcome to blogging. I've been doing it since April 2007 and love it. So many wonderful bloggers out there. Have fun and I look forward to reading and seeing more.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie
Your violets need:-
to be planted in soil with plenty of drainage eg some grit or sand added to it.
They don't like constant sun, it can scorch their leaves.
always water from the bottom, not the top, they will rot.
finally only water them when they need it, overwatering is fatal.
You are right about humidity.
Hope this is of some help to you, I have kept them for years so know these babies like the back of my hand.
Have a good day.

Julie said...

I went through about a 10 year period of interest in nothing but african violets! (At least in the plant world)...then I moved to succulents! Wonder why I seem to focus in so tightly on one particular plant type? My other current darling is Fittonia...they are so pretty...indoor plants with lots of colorful leaves...and do well in low light. They are SOOOOO easy to keep. Hey...your violets are lovely...I may just go get some new ones this weekend after seeing this post!