Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Cause!

Some of you may already know about the free mamograms the Breast Cancer Orginazation gives. Some of you may not. So I am asking each of you to go to the site and click. It is totaly free and so very easy. Once there and clicked, you will be taken to the results page. There you can see how your click counts, and where the mamograms have been given. A lot of us that blog are of the age where we should have concerns about breast cancer. I have the site on my favorites list and go there everyday. Please tell at least one other person about this and let's get those numbers up!

Thank you all for listening to me while I was on this paticular soap-box!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Beckie, I didn't know there were free mammograms. I just had mine today. I am all checked out ok for the next year or so. :)

beckie said...

Lisa, good for you. It is something we should not put off. Actually the "free" ones are for the women who fall through the cracks. For women who don't have health insurance and don't qualify for any other program.I like this program because you are not asked to give money. I'm never quite sure money given goes where it is supposed to.

Cheryl said...

Well done you are putting this on your blog, health issues are so important.
Thanks for dropping by again, always love to hear from. Seeds were posted on Saturday, found somewhere open. Posted first class so hope that you get them soon.
Hope your aches and pains are keeping at bay.
Have a fun day.

jodi said...

Hi Beckie, I couldn't leave a comment on your geography post--Blogger is having yet another snitfit! but wanted to let you know I got your comment, read your post and posted the link in my "Who has their Homework done" list of URLs. So great job--I certainly didn't know anything about Royal, Ill, (and never saw that brand of BP before.)It looks like my kind of community!