Friday, February 8, 2008

Spring is here ...Not quite!

So many of you have been writing of waiting and watching for too. While searching for a certain picture of one of our grand girls, I found these pictures of Spring last year at our house.

The ornamental drawf cherry tree was an Easter gift to my husband a few years ago. And while it doesn't look drawf to me, it does have glorious blooms. We enjoy it more every year!

I also gave him a drwaf ornamental plum at the same time but don't have a picture of it. Probably because it has not done quite as well. We are still hoping though.

The tulips out did themselves last year. I plant mostly in small groups, here and there. There is a term for this...but can't think of it now. I like spots of color any where I can put them. I am often surprised when something comes up and I don't remember planting it there! Usually, I am pleased that it did though. I planted more tulips last fall and am waiting (patiently?) to see what come up where, and what colors I have. I like to buy the mixed bulbs and plant them 3 0r 4 to a spot. Then the early ones bloom first and mid ones next, followed by the late variety. Then I have color for a long time in the same spot.

Last year was an exceptionally good year here for spring flowers as it stayed cool for a long time. The year before, we had a really warm was in the 70's for days. And all of the flowers soon were spent. So I don't mind at all a slow to warm spring.

My daffodils, or March flowers as my grandmother called them, did very well, also. I planted more of them in more varieties. So am anxious to see what they look like. Can you see the blue fowers on the ground cover? I wish I could find a blue as true as this in something else. I love the color.

At least the sun is out today. And I can start to think spring is one the way! Keep posting your signs of spring and one day it will be Spring!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice photos Beckie. Love that beautiful tree.

You should show us your flood. Ha That would really make us feel much better about things. I do hope you don't have any damage.

beckie said...

No damage at our house, but several aroud us still have water in their basements. Towns along the river just south of us still have people staying in shelters becouse of the flood waters,

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie
Thamks for visiting me. I bought the windflower several years ago from an alpine specialist. I have never seen seeds for salebut if I can get any from mine I would gladly send them to you. As an alternative cerinthe major purpurea is a beautiful plant...and has fabulous tinges of deep blue in it. I have a competition on my blog and the prize for the best caption to one of my photos is packs of seeds, one of them being cerinthe. You may possibly like to enter, I will post abroad.
Its early here so just going to have breakfast......will visit again this evening.

beckie said...

Cheryl, I went to your competition.What a cute dog. She looks like a faitful companion. I wrote down the names salbut and cerinthe to see if I can find some. Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Glad u entered the competition, who knows u could win.
I am going to link your blog to never know you may get more English visitors.
Have a great weekend.