Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lilies and boots

Frances over at Faire Garden has been showing us "black" in her garden. What a novel idea and a very interesting color to work with. I searched my garden photos and came up with this lily. It was new last year and of course I didn't write the name down. For such a spindly plant, it produced several amazing flowers that were huge!

I have a few other lilies and have decided to plant several more this coming year.They are so undemanding and never fussy about being watered regularly or pruned and dead headed. And yet they give such a display of beauty! Does anyone have favorites they could recomend?

Today is Groundhog day. Wonder what will be the prediction? We are supposed to have almost spring temps on Monday with rain. Won't that make a lovely slushy mess out of our snow!!

I'll still have to wear my boots. Mine are old(10 years) but do the job nicely and I don't have to worry about wet and cold feet.

My oldest grand daughter(16) has boots, too. But hers are leather with heels and she wouldn't dare were them in the snow. I guess I can remember when style outweighed function(barely). But she does look lovely in them! At my stage in life, I avoid heels at all costs.

On the other end, my youngest grand daughter(2) has a pair of boots that have been handed down thru at least 4 of them. They are purple and insulated and she hardly takes them off to sleep. While I like my boots...she loves hers!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love this daylily Beckie. I too have many daylilies. I like to go to the farm and look at them while they are blooming to chose which ones I want. I wish I had been more concerned with the timing of their blossoms when I bought all of mine. Most of mine bloom at the same time. I have a few that are later and one that reblooms during fall up until frost gets them. I am not sure of the name of them. I am a terrible record keeper. I actually have the names but don't know what goes with most of them.

Keep your toes warm and dry with those boots. Isn't funny how our view of lifes little nicities changes over the years.

beckie said...

Lisa, remember the day we all went to the grower's? It was so hot, but we just couldn't resist looking at all their plantings and the beautiful colors. I remember you and DB taking LOTS of pics. We will have to do that again!