Monday, February 15, 2010

GBBD February 15, 2010

I know... you are all in shock at seeing a post from me, let alone a Bloom Day post! I had fully intended to do Valentine one, but grand kids , little sleep, and a disappointing Illinois basketball game got in the way.

The one actual blooming plant I have is a violet that followed me home a few months ago. I love it's dark purple with white edged flowers. Of course there was no name on it or any of the others-just simply said 'violet' on the tag. Maybe I should buy them somewhere other than the large discount store. But the the price was right and I could hear it calling my name.

This bouquet was my Valentine gift from Hubby. He is such a sweetie! We both love this florist. and think she does exceptional work. There is always a little something extra or eye catching in her designs. And one more thing, she always uses the freshest flowers. Her creations last longer than any others I have had.

These yellow roses are absolutely gorgeous! I have never seen so many petals. Did you know the color yellow in a rose means 'joy', 'happiness', 'friendship', and ' I care'? All of these pretty much sum up our relationship. He is my best friend, he brings great joy to my life, and of course I love and care for him very deeply. Isn't he smart!

I couldn't resist a macro of the center-just look at all those petals still to open.

I am sure you know what these are. But have you ever seen any this size? I was amazed at these and now have great hopes for the bulb Rose gave me. I just need to learn how to care for it after it is done blooming. The bud stalk is growing every day and when it does bloom, I will share with you.

Yes, you guessed, they are Amaryllis. We went out for a Valentine breakfast and there were several huge pots of these in the restaurant's green house room. This double white was at least 10" across. Needless to say, I want one!

And this red was the size of a meat platter! All of these gorgeous blooms were just what I needed to start chasing away the winter blahs. Of course, the 2" of snow we got that evening made spring seem a long way off again. :)
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Have a great week and hang in there-spring will surely come one day.