Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Showers-Sky Watch Friday

April brings........



more showers,

still more showers,

and dark ominous skies.

Lets hope May brings more flowers than showers.
Sky Watch Friday is brought to you by Skyley.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring or Summer?

Spring has taken a turn toward summer in Central Illinois this weekend. With temperatures in the mid-80's we were tempted to turn on the air conditioner. But as many of you may know, Illinois's flat lands are famous for their winds and boy did the wind blow the last few days.

I am finding it difficult to keep up with everything-house keeping, laundry, gardening and of course more importantly-blogging. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and am now working full time. It has been many years since I have put in 40 hours a week and marvel at how I used to handle everything and still have time to 'play'. I don't think it is that I am older. Do you? :) I think I am just out of practice and am hoping it will all come back to me.

Rose wrote in her last post of possible reasons why blogging seems to a little thin the last few weeks. I certainly belong in the statistical category of 'too tired at the end of the day!' I hope your reasons are that you are enjoying being in the garden more.

We had a milestone birthday in our family-or at least the party for it. Hubby seemed surprised and was very pleased to see so many of our friends and family there to wish him a happy birthday. It's actually not until the 27th. The 6 yr. old granddaughter had a very hard time keeping the secret, but did manage not to spill the beans as she called it. We have 5 April birthdays. 2 are granddaughters-one turned 16 and the little one turned 4. We celebrated all today with a hot dog and hamburger cookout.

The daffodils have out done themselves this year. I am amazed at how large the blooms are on some of them. The granddaughters have enjoyed all the spring flowers.

And of course, I am enjoying taking pictures of them.

The super macro feature on may camera is getting lots of use. These lilacs are now open and their sweet scent comes in our bedroom window.

I have one yellow tulip-where it came from, I have no clue. But isn't it gorgeous?! I have been thinking about framing some of my super-macro shots and making a group hanging of them.

These tulips, Pink Impressions, are some of the new ones we planted last fall. Or I should say my helpers planted. They have been beautiful, but with the heat the last couple of days, they won't last much longer.

The creeping phlox and vinca have mingled and I like the combination. I did get more phlox planted on Saturday in other areas of the gardens. I love it when it forms thick blooming patches.

The wild violets are blooming. The majority of them I leave where they are. I know they are invasive, but I enjoy their blooms and even their heart shaped leaves.

The ornamental plum tree is putting on quite a show this year. Ignore the date on the photo-I was trying to set my camera with the correct date and didn't get it figured out. So...I turned off that feature after taking a couple of pictures.

I hope you don't get tired of my close ups. :) I managed to get some gardening done on Saturday, even with the wind. I planted some Asiatic lilies, gladiolus and a new rose. I also planted several Stella D'Ora lilies thanks to Rose. She divided hers and gave me enough for 5 spots. I tried not to thank her...but it was hard. My seedlings could have been put outside this weekend to enjoy the warm weather, but I couldn't find a place out of the wind so they will just have to stay in the garden window a few more days. Some of them are needing transplanted. I think next year I will wait a couple more weeks before starting them.
I know this post rambles. Please forgive me, but that seems to be my state of mind the last few weeks. That I am blaming on age! I am hoping for a quiet week coming up where I can get to my favorite bloggers and do some catching up. I just need to get a routine established. But then life always seems to have other plans for me. :)
Hope you all are enjoying your gardens and are able to spend time in them!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


(the first of my new pink daffodils)

I think spring has truly come to our area. Yes, we have been having some cold rainy days with night time temperatures close to or at the freezing point, but we are also having glorious sun filled days with blue skies dotted with pure white, fluffy, cotton ball clouds.

These are the days that bring a smile to the face, a spring in the step and a lightness of being. These are the days that have helped me get through the last couple of weeks.

I have missed visiting with all of you. I have missed seeing spring come to you - your flowers growing and blooming, the warm sun filled days of joy.

Lots has gone on in your lives in the last few weeks, as it has in mine. I hope to be able to catch up with all your news and get back to enjoying garden blogging.

Have a wonderful Easter and rejoice in the rebirth of our gardens!