Friday, February 1, 2008

Getting Started!

Well, I have done it.(or so I think!) Please bear with me for a while. I am very new to this world of blogging and and feeling my way around yet.

I have read so many of your blog sites and enjoyed them so much that I just couldn't resist joining in. I have loved the garden sites from all around the world, but am not nearly as avid or as knowlegdeable as most of you seem to be about names and varieties. But, I will do my best.

Mostly, I wanted to share day to day experiences with others of like minds. So here goes.

We had a major snow event(as the weathermen call it now) last night and this morn. We had about 8" and thankfully the wind hasn't started blowing it around much yet. I love a fresh snow. It makes everything look so pristine and cushions and quiets the world, if only for a while. But then the snow plows start going by and the snow blowers are out and the sound of shovels scraping concrete can be heard.

I am glad for all of that when I go out to leave in my car. And I had an especially nice surprise when I did. Some kind soul took his snow blower around my car and made a path on my patio to mt back door. Thank-you who ever you were! I will pay forward that kindness.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

OMG what a pile of snow on your garden. Welcome to the world of bloggers. I can't wait to see how your blog unfolds.
I really like the name of your blog. Do you get many dragonflies in your garden??

beckie said...


dragonflies were a favorite of Andrea. We do see them occasionally, seems like more this past year, but maybe we are just more aware and are watching for them.

gintoino said...

welcome to garden blogging world beckie. It's not half as difficult as it looks at the beginning, you'll see. I'll be visiting again, I want to see your garden once all that snow melts.