Sunday, March 2, 2008

Of Spring! and Ceilings

Today was one of those days you just had to get out of the house! After long suffering the throes of winter, the sun was out, the wind was from the south and the temperature was a balmy 67! I took my camera, put on my sunglasses, left my jacket inside, and out the door I went.

Much to my surprise, I did find signs of spring. Of course they are only beginning to show, but they are there. My first glimpse was of the snow drops, hidden yesterday by snow. As you can see the leaves are a little yellow from the lack of sunshine. But they are there in all their glory announcing to the world that neither sleet nor rain... None of their little buds have opened yet, and there are only a few of those. But so much green! In a few days they will be popping up everywhere. Do you, also notice the brown stuff? Dead grasses that didn't get taken care of last fall. In fact the more I looked for spring, the more work I saw to be done. I didn't get much done last fall in the way of cleaning up. I'm pretty sure it was because the weather turned nasty very early and I didn't get the chance. (well, it sounds credible, doesn't it?)

The brick path way has signs of life. Moss! I have been cultivating it trying to get it to spread. When we (my sweetie that is) laid the path, we left room for moss. I have always loved the look of moss growing between brick or stones. It gives it such an old world, I-have-been-here-forever look. Hopefully more will fill in as the weeds are a pain to pull.

Even my lilacs are getting buds. This is the big one that has huge flowers. It is a lavender one and stands about 10 feet tall. It isn't very big around yet, but has more than made up for it in height. I didn't see any on the smaller dark purple one. I think it is blooms a few weeks later.

The dwarf ornamental cherry is starting to show signs of life too. Isn't it amazing what a warm day can do. I trimmed this tree last fall. It actually hurt me to do it, but the limbs were growing in some odd directions and were getting too close to the patio table and chairs. (no we can't move them as the umbrella stand for the table is bolted into the stone!)

And last, but not least, even the iris are getting new leaves! I planted these a few years ago not knowing you should virtually put them on top of the ground. I planted them Like a tulip or daffodil several inches deep. They did grow the first couple of years but had no flowers. (bummer!) Some kind hearted experienced gardener told me the reason was they were too deep but to leave them alone and they would work themselves to the top and bloom. And so they have. I have had wonderful orchid-like blooms for 2 years now.
After one day of spring, which was heavenly and boosted the spirit greatly, alas winter returns tomorrow with much colder temps and rain-sleet mix. In fact, by Thursday, the low is going to be back in the single digits! I hope it doesn't kill our little tastes of spring!

To all who have wished us luck with our ceiling. It went pretty well. We have about half the railing up. This is after spending time measuring and remeasuring. As I said, it has been years since we've done any remodeling and we are out of practice. For any of you who have done something like this you know there is a lot of going up and down the ladders and reaching over your head. My goodness! We used muscle we didn't know we had! Next Sat. the son-in-laws are coming to help us finish. Thank-you! They have much younger legs and arms! I will post a finished picture. And now, I need another long soak in the tub.


Anonymous said...

these flowers are a great sign for spring.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

With all that up and down working on the ceiling you will be ready to get out in the garden and do some chores Beckie. Maybe it will prevent you from getting so sore.

Don't you just love to find the first Snowdrops!! Love the moss in between your bricks.

Cheryl said...

All those little things appearing in your garden, isn't nature wonderful. It is really cold here today, a northerly wind and a thread of light snow.

Glad your ceiling is coming on. It is so tiring, i would rather ache from gardening than DIY.

Just love moss in between your bricks, another good one is tiny sedums and creeping thyme. Very old world.

beckie said...

Lisa, I was so thrilled to see at last some sign of spring. Have been envious of yours.

Cheryl, I was hping your spring would stay, but it's not to be I guess. I have been looking in the seed cataloges and they have several sedums you can wal on.(Who knew?!) Think I will try a couple of varities in the bare spots.