Friday, February 22, 2008

Seeds From Kent (UK)

My seeds came today! Yeah! From Cheryl at My Wildlife Sanctuary. I won a challenge by her for putting a caption to a photo of her beautiful doggie. I am in such a better mood today, even though we got more snow last night and more is forecast. Seeing these seed packets and how different they are from ours is very interesting. 3 come from Ipswich, England (I will have to get out my World Atlas) and the other from Kentford, Newmarket,UK.

The "Gartenperle" tomato (garden pearl?) are a tumbling variety. They recommend planting in hanging baskets or window boxes. The Cerinthe is an Aristocratic Border Plant. Doesn't that just sound English!? The Sunflower is a big fluffy teddy bear. Isn't that a wondrous description!

All of the packets suggest acclimatising the plants. I am quite sure we would say acclimating, but don't you love the way their word sounds? Cheryl also sent some "Poppy Black Paeony" seeds. There is no picture with these but Cheryl promises I will be happy with them. She doesn't know I am notoriously bad with poppies! I have tried for years to get them to grow. But I am willing to try. I just can't wait to get these started! Will have to get some peat pots and find a nice sunny warm spot. That will be a trick! Maybe I'd better wait a couple more weeks!

I am so thrilled with these and I want to THANK Cheryl for sending them to me. She has such a wonderful Blog with great pictures and insights and I have enjoyed finding her!
I did get my Garden Journal! I added some stickers and the title and date. It really looks impressive. (well to me, anyway!:}) And I have even made notes about plants and designs I want to use this year. Now if I can just be a good girl and keep it up to date! I am going to try, especially with plant names and varieties. I want to be able to put names with pictures that I post.

The other package in the mail today was my book! This is the Feb-Mar. book for Garden Bloggers Book Club. I have read snippets from it already and think it looks intriguing. Can't wait to read others' reviews.
So, even though we are still in winter's steely grip, I have a glimpse of spring in my seeds and book!


Cheryl said...

I am so pleased that you have received the seeds. You are so very kind Beckie with the lovely comments on your post. I can assure the poppies are no ordinary variety, they are stunning and well worth every effort. Let me give you a little bit of advice. Find the driest and sunniest part of your garden, fork in some grit or sand and rake the soil over to a fine tilth. Scatter the seeds and just brush the soil over with your hands. Then put gravel on top and water. When those buds open you will not believe your eyes, I promise.
I thought what I might do for you, if you would like me to, any plants that you like that I show on my posts I will collect seeds in the summer and send them to you in autumn. Hey presto in three or four years time you garden will have all sorts of plants growing. What do you think?

beckie said...

Cheryl, That sounds wonderful! Before you know it, I'll have a real English Garden! Actually, why don't I do the same for you? It will be such fun.

Thank you again. The packets really did brighten my day!

Cheryl said...

A Kent - Illinois swap, love it, that would really be fun. I love to have plants that remind me of people and have a story to tell. Look forward to our journey together.

Cheryl said...

You are quite right Beckie the grass is always greener.....I know I enjoyed the write up of your village, I love knowing about people and places. Life is so interesting don't you think?

Beth said...

Such a joyous post with the promise of Spring!

Mary said...

How exciting to receive a package in the mail! Cheryl's a sweetie.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can imagine how this brightened your day let. Just think now how fun your spring and summer will be with colorful additions from England.