Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dreaming of Spring!!!

I was watching an older movie this afternoon, while listening to it rain, thunder and sleet. I had a blanket on me and was generally feeling gloomy and tired of winter. Any way, in the movie they were showing an outdoor garden wedding. The garden was not the main point but I noticed it anyway. The flowers were bright and very colorful and there were arches with blooming vines on them, and of course roses and very well manicured bushes. But off to the side were big bowl shaped pots with all sorts of annuals in them. They were sitting on different sizes of pedestal columns. How interesting they looked. I started thinking...

I have pot shaped like that. I could find small columns. I could add spots of glorious color anywhere in my garden. And I wouldn't have to dig or weed. Now, what to put in them?

Something tall..a dark grass,maybe. Something viney..a dark sweet potato and maybe a chartreuse of some kind. (can you tell, I don't know names of plants very well). Then fill in with lots of colors. Red geraniums, yellow marigolds, something purple, and maybe some pinks. (I love pink!) I could even try an exotic tropical.

Should I make all pots the same? How about each pot in one color using varying shades? Decisions! I shall have to start looking on line and in the seed catalogs. And I have noticed the seed packets are starting to show up in our local stores. I will defintely need to start making lists. And I have promised myself to keep much better records of what I plant, where, when, what works, and what doesn't. So I will have to get a garden journal.

Finally, I am starting to look forward to spring! I can almost envision my other planters being filled with blooming plants. It has been hard up to now, as they have been filled with snow for so long.

I hope you can start spring dreaming and if you have some thoughts, share!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Beckie, You should go over to Gardening Gone Wild to read this month's adivce. It is all about color combos.

I have made several pedestals in my garden with bricks. If you can find a small pile of bricks no one wants latch onto them. They always come in handy.

Another way to get pedestals is go to a concrete doodad place. The one in Ft Branch has many styles of pedestals. You could check there when you go to T&T's. They are closed on sunday so keep that in mind.

Isn't if funny you can find garden inspiration anyplace you look whether it is in a movie or real life.

beckie said...

Lisa, I did go to GGW and loved her colors! I know the place you are talking about as we have driven by it many times. Maybe T and I can check it out..why not join us! You and DB both!