Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank You Carol at May Dreams Garden!

I wasn't going to post today as I thought I was too busy. However... compared to Carol, I've been sitting on my thumbs!

I left a comment on my last post thanking her, but wondered how many would read it. So, I decided to Thank her in a post of her own. When last checked, her comments numbered 86! And I assume they are still being added. I wonder if any of us realize the time it must take her to go to each one of our post and leave a personal thank you, then list all of our Bloom Day offerings?

Carol does in a matter of a few short hours what would take me days to do(if at all!), and really all she gets out of it is her own satisfaction of 'job well done'. While we enjoy the fruits of her labor, I hope she takes a well deserved rest.

Carol, here's to you-

Thank You!!!


Cheryl said...

Thats a nice thing to do Beckie, and that is why you got the award. You are truly one of the good people in the blogging community.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Well said Beckie.

Mary said...


Like you, I'm in awe of Carol's energy and enthusiasm. So many times, I look at her post of the day and shake my head. With everything she does, she never fails to disappoint her readers.

And, you are so kind to write a sweet tribute in her honor. She deserves it and you deserve a big hug.


Rose said...

Wonderful idea, Beckie. I noticed this morning on her "twitter" that she actually stopped reading in order to sleep. I was beginning to wonder if her energy ever ran out! As I told her on today's post, her blog was one of the best examples for me when I started writing. She is truly amazing, and you are very thoughtful to have written this thank-you to her.
(I am going to respond to the award you gave me; just haven't had time to write another post yet.)