Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Play Date!

The wind was horrific, the ground too wet to work, and most of the gardens had been cleaned. What was a grandma to do? Call a granddaughter to see if she could come out and play-that's what! Miss Liv(very soon to be 3) and I headed to a favorite place well armed with a loaf of bread. The place were the 'gooses' swim.

It didn't take long for them to swim our way.

And we even had a few ducks. I thought they might not get as close as the geese, but after seeing there was food involved, here they came, too!

He even brought his mate!

Liv(and I) loved the mallard's iridescent green head. In the sun, it sparkled.

When the bread was gone, and after checking our shoes for goose poop, we needed a snack! Grandma wanted a chocolate sundae, but Liv had strawberries on her mind. Wind-blown and tired, we went home. Liv to play some more and grandma to rest.

Later, walking around the gardens, I found 'Mister Lincoln' leafing out. 'Queen Elizabeth' is showing no signs of life, though. In fact, I am seeing little on several roses. So will give them a while yet, and hope they are just later. We did have a lot of heaving this winter and that can be very hard on tender rose roots.

I think this is called 'bearded tongue' ( my legendary lack of keeping records is showing again!)
What ever it is, it has self seeded in several spots and I always think of those extras as gifts from the birds or maybe the wind.

I did find a few grape hyacinths hiding in the grass at the edge of a couple of beds. These are another of those plants I don't remember planting. I should try to move them to better spots, but usually end up forgetting about them until they surprise me the next spring.

I know, another Daffodil! I just had to show this one-really. It is a new color for me.
I hope everyone has a great spring weekend!


Lets Plant said...

She is having soo much fun!!

Laura said...

What a cutie! Looks like you two had a good day!

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie....Didn't you have a lovely time together, she looks a lovely child. All children love to feed the ducks, don't they.
Sundae looked good, hope that she enjoyed it.
You can never have too many daffs, beautiful.

Rose said...

I know Livia had a great time with Grandma. She can come and see geese in our field, too, though they won't let her get too close.
Everything is popping up right now, isn't it? Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Amy said...

What fun! This post brings back many happy memories of my own grandparents saving the stale bread for our visits, and then taking us to the lake to feed the ducks.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like you and Liv had a good time. You really shouldn't show such goodies being eaten on this blog. I have been craving a blizzard. What is a person to do when tempted like this!?. Isn't it exciting to see life in your roses.

beckie said...

lets plant, thanks for visiting!

beckie said...

Laura, Welcome! We did have fun.

beckie said...

Cheryl, grandchildren are the joy of life! You're right about the daffodils.

Rose, I cant believe those geese are still there. Isn't the weather great!

Amy, That's what grandparents are for...making memories!

Lisa, you should have joined us! I just hope more roses come back.

Jan Doble said...

hi beckie, thanks so much for your comment about my photos! i have really been enjoying taking photos of all the beautiful birds and blossoms in my garden! today i had to take an extra lyrica because 1 just wasn't enough, but so far it has been so much better than anything else i've tried! maybe sometime we can 'chat' about that issue...anyway, take good care! i love the little 'stories' you tell and especially the current one with your sweet grandaugter and the gooses!!

Mary said...


You brought back memories for me when I'd take Gina to the duck pond with a load of bread. Sweet memories of duck poop and laughter. There were a few geese who charged her while she sat in a stroller once and nibbled her ear lobe. Surprisingly, she didn't seem to care but I was wild! When she was around 6 years old, a white duck would attack her every time we visited its pond. We both laugh about it today.

Your little Liv is lovely. I'd prefer strawberries, too!