Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Spot In the Bath Tub?

This is my bath tub. See the spot? What is the spot? I took a shower in there about an hour ago and didn't see the spot. Bend down and check it out. What? What is that spot!? A TOAD!!! In my bathroom? A TOAD IN MY BATHROOM!
I call my husband who is in Ohio. A the bathroom! (laughing on the other end of the phone) But, there is a Toad in the bathroom! You know how I hate things like this. Do something. (more laughter!) Look, I learned to deal with spiders when you aren't here, I don't think I should have to deal with TOADS.
Okay, okay(he's trying not to laugh now) get a paper towel, grab him, and put him outside.
But it's a Toad and I don't want to touch it.
Look, I would get it for you, but....I'm in Ohio. Do you want to leave it til I get home on Friday? (snickering now)
Oh, alright! I'll figure out something. But if Fat Cat is gone when you do get home, I don't want to hear anything about it.
Why would she be gone?(not laughing at all now)
How else do you think the Toad got into the house? You know how she is about playing with live things.
Hey, innocent until proven guilty!(Har har har!)
I am so glad you find all of this amusing. Talk to you tomorrow-love you.

Popsicle stick and plastic cup. Ewww!

Stay in there, TOAD until I can get you out the front door!

(I apologize for the blurry pictures, but did want to share this 'nature comes to me ' story. And to those of you who have been waiting to hear toads and frogs, come to my house. You can take them home with you!)


No Rain said...

eeeeehhh! That just causes me chills. I'm not afraid of toads, but the idea of toads near bathroom appliances brings up a universal fear of snakes crawling up from the sewer. eeeeeehhh!

Cheryl said...

Oh Beckie, you know what you need, a neighbour called Cheryl. I love toads and frogs.....well you know by now I love everything.
Was the toad okay, yes I care about the toad.
But well done it must be difficult when you don't like something.

Rose said...

Beckie, look at how we have grown: I pick up earthworms now (granted with a dustpan) and transplant them to the garden, and you can now pick up toads, both of us without getting totally disgusted. I hope you did put him in your garden, didn't you?
I can just hear your hubby laughing on the other end of the phone. Funny, funny post. LOL

Amy said...

Ho ho! My first laugh of the day. This is hilarious Beckie! A toad in the bathroom! I suppose he took a shower with you :) If it's any consolotion they are great for the garden - we were planning to set aside a small area for a frog/toad habitat in the backyard this year.

beckie said...

Aiyana, eeeehhh! is right. In the garden toads are fine-just not in my bath tub.

Cheryl, if you were my neighbor, you'd have gotten a late night call! I couldn't think of any one close to come. Yes. the toad was okay and i suppose now is out with his friends recounting his adventures.

Rose, we are changing as we grow..uh..more life experienced! Dust pan, popsicle stick, at least we got the job done. S thought it was hilarious. I bet he is still laughing.

Amy, I didn't see him when I took my shower..gads! I hope not. I know they are good for the garden-the garden not my tub. An upside down clay pot with a little of the side broken out makes a great toad house for the garden.

Matt and Jen said...

That is SO funny! I like how it played like a movie. heehee -Jen :)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

LOL! I love toads, but only when they are in the garden. Even then I squeal like a sissy when one startles me. I'd have put on garden gloves b4 I picked up the popsicle stick.

beckie said...

Matt and Jen, thanks for visiting! It was like a movie-a horror movie.

MMD,I used to do toad houses in the garden with granddaughters and thought they were cute. But, I'll admit to getting the shivers when I finally got close enough to see what it was. You are right..I should have put on gloves! Didn't even think about them in my hurry to get the thing out. :)

Nancy J. Bond said...

I would have reacted exactly the same way! Eeew. But I had to smile reading your account. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is soooo I pick myself up off the floor laughing. I don't want you to blame the cat for bringing it inside. Toads give off a terrible secreation. When an animal picks it up in its mouth they usually let go immediately due to the unpleasant taste. I have seen our dog foam at the mouth and trying to wipe its mouth out after picking up a toad. Not a pretty sight.

I can just hear S laughing his head off. tee hee hee...

beckie said...

Nancy, I'm glad You agreed with my reaction. I wouldn't want to be accused of being a 'drama queen'!

Lisa, S is still laughing! If not the cat, now that I've had time to think on it, I suspect some little granddaughters who were here this past weekend. A couple of them find creatures such as this fascinating. I think we will have to have a looong talk!

Rose said...

I just remembered another story--remind me to tell you about the petrified toad we found in my car last fall.
The granddaughters do sound like likely suspects. I agree with Lisa; our cats are curious, but wouldn't try to pick up a toad.

Judybec said...

Great toad story! How in the heck did he get there?

Mary said...



Don't be afraid - toads are harmless unless you bite them.



Wendy said...

Awww - but he was a cute little toad!! Are you sure you didn't kick Prince Charming out of your house?????
{{Sigh}} - now you'll never know. Should have kissed him. LOL!!!

gintoino said...

beckie, the toad is sooooooo cute! Now, if it was a cockroach...taht would be a all diferent story ;-)