Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Of Life, Flowers, Birds and Squirrels!

A cold windy start to April, is what greeted me this morning. It felt more like a December day with no sun and dark gray skies. I had planned on getting my seeds planted today, finally! But as I drank my morning coffee and checked in on my favorite blogs, I looked around at my house. I had to clean! The seeds would wait one more day.

I cleaned the bathrooms first, my least favorite job. Did I actually use the word favorite in the same sentence as cleaning?! I used to clean house everyday, dusting and vacuuming, sweeping, and even did laundry on most days. Of course that was when my girls were still home and my grandmother was living with us. In those days the house was filled with activity. Friends of the girls were always here, my husband had his own business and was in and out and my mother-in-law from across the street often came over. I lived the life of the typical '80's house wife. I worked off and on but mostly my job was to take care of my family. I don't regret not having a career, in fact my dream when growing up was to get married and have a family. So I did live my dream and would not then or now change anything.

We got married very young. I had been 18 all of a month and Steve(spouse) was only 5 months older. In those days you didn't move out of your parents house to live with your boyfriend! I don't have a problem with they way things are today, in some ways they are better. I'm just saying we wanted to be together and to do that we got married. For us, it worked. We were lucky in that we had been raised by loving parents who taught us that when you make a commitment, you stick to it. There were some very rough times, we had to grow up a lot and learn the art of compromise. And there are times yet when we hit some bumps. But all in all, I would not have missed a minute!

This post didn't start out to be this long discourse on marriage...I just wanted to tell you why I didn't get those darn seeds planted! So we will leave the story of my life for now and get back to today.

As I said it was a gloomy day and when I took a break from cleaning( I take frequent breaks!) I decided to print out some pictures for my garden journal. I found these that I took Sat. at the garden center. I know Rose has shown some, but I wanted to show mine too as they just say Spring so well.

These are a new color of pansy. The garden center was touting them as orange...Illini orange and blue! Actually, they were selling very well. By the time we left that afternoon most of them were gone. I know these as primrose but the garden center called then primulas. By any name they are beautiful! They were so perfect, they didn't look real and I found myself touching them to make sure.

If I could have a whole bed of these....!!!
After my break, I dusted and did laundry. My day just got better and better! I decided that I needed to put clean sheets on the beds upstairs in the grand girls rooms. As I headed to the stairway door, I looked out the window to my bird feeding area. A break was needed, again, to watch the birds.
I have been seeing finches for the past few days and an occasional woodpecker. There have been doves on the ground and of course starlings are here all winter enjoying the food. Now my pictures are not very good-honestly it's my camera- but I enjoy taking them.

After getting the beds made and picking up a little upstairs (the girls are getting so much better at picking up after themselves), I came back down and something caught my eye out that window again.

So that is where all my Zick Dough is going! Beth had told me it would disappear fast and it was, but rarely did I see birds eating it. I thought they must have been getting it early in the mornings. Okay... another break was needed as I watched then remembered my camera!

How do they climb that pole? It is over 6 feet tall?

He is quite the acrobat!

Almost fell, be careful!

What's he doing?

A real balancing act!

Another one on the other feeder! It's an invasion!

Okay, back to cleaning and figuring out how to keep the squirrels out of the bird's food! And tomorrow, I really do need to plant those seeds!


Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie.....We have lived very similar lives. I to married young 19, like you we have had rough times but all in all, its been good. I worked with my husband in the early years....but now I am at home. I look after my parents and mum in law, all who live five minutes away. I am going around to my parents tomorrow to landscape their garden.
I also look after the grandchildren when I can. Having an acre of land that I maintain myself takes a lot of my time. Housework I am afraid takes a back seat, you have to get your priorities right!!!!
Like you I have no regrets, I like being there for my family.

Love the squirrel, they are a nuisance but they are so very funny. I have bought a squirrel feeder, they can just lift a lid and take the nuts out. It has worked now they have their own private food store.

Rose said...

If it isn't rabbits, it's squirrels! Most of our squirrels stay far from the house--the cats intimidate them, I think.
Good for you on getting your house cleaned. That was my intention yesterday, but I started reading (and then writing) all the April Fool's blogs that the morning got away from me. I'm going to limit my time here this morning.

RR said...

Those darn squirrels! Nothing can stop them, can it?

Julie Zickefoose said...

Dear Beckie,

Thanks for the shout-out. My favorite way of foiling squirrels (short of getting a Boston terrier) is to run a metal clothesline between two eaves of the house, and impale 35 mm. film canisters on the wire like beads on either end--a bunch in a row. Hang the feeder from the middle of the wire and watch the squirrels try to navigate those spinning canisters!

You can't be cooking for squirrels!

beckie said...

We need to come up with a better description of our generation. Not the 'sandwich'...maybe the 'club sandwich' or the 'double decker sandwich' generation! I just knew we had lots in common!! Have a good day planting.

Rose, squirrels and I go way back and I'm embarrassed to say, they usually have won. See, I told you this blogging was addictive! But we are retired...

rr, thanks for stopping by.

Julie, we have been thinking about getting another Boston. Don't know how Fat Cat would like it though. Thanks for the suggestion about the squirrels. Will have to try something like that. I am always happy to give you credit for the bird dough. It is so simple, inexpensive and it's fun to make!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I've pretty much given up on trying to feed the birds. They don't stand a chance against those wily squirrels. Good luck trying to foil that one.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those primroses look artificial. I am always drawn to them.

Good luck getting rid of the squirrels.

beckie said...

Lisa, if only I could get then to look that pretty in my garden!

Chrisss said...

Beautiful photos. Will stop by again.

Surya said...

The squirrel is very attractive. But, it steals your bird food.
I can't find squirrels in my neighborhood.

Mel said...

Beautiful flowers!! I want them all :D
Grrrr squirrel, get your own feeder!! This one is not meant for you! :P

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Your life sounds a lot like mine. I married just a month after my 20th birthday and have been so blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. I've also have the responsibility of caring for my m-i-l who has Alzheimer's and lived with us for three years, before that we went to her home everyday for four years. That was a pretty difficult time for sure.

I don't have squirrels here, for that I'm thankful, even though they are cuteand fun to watch.

Terra Hangen said...

Hi Beckie,
Thanks for sharing a bit about your marriage, and those bright colored primroses are gorgeous.
I see from your profile that you enjoy "most mysteries". I know what you mean, I have quite a few mystery series that I read.