Friday, April 25, 2008

Heaven Is Gardening!

Summer came to our area these past few days. Temperatures in the 80's are not spring-like. But I enjoyed the gentle breezes and the warm rays of sun that were missed this past winter. My mind enjoyed...that is. By the end of the day, my body was not as thrilled.

My gardens have been neglected for years with only sporadic care and attention. Days, weeks, and even months went by without me being able to tend them. As I have mentioned, fibromyalgia has robbed me of the ability to take pleasure in the nurturing of my gardens. But because of LYRICA-a truly miracle drug for me, I am able to garden once again! Now when my body aches and my back won't straighten up, it is from hours spent raking, digging, pulling weeds and planting flowers. Just like any other gardener who has spent the winter indoors not using those gardening muscles. I'm in heaven!

With the warmth, blooms have opened and the bees have come. The dwarf ornamental cherry tree, that only a few days ago was beginning to bud, is now buzzing. Last year I remember only a few honey bees and mostly saw the black and yellow kind. Cheryl, at Wildlife Sanctuary is a bee's best friend. She plants for bees, provides bees with shelter in the winter(Mason Bees) and is spreading the word about the world wide population decline of bees. So Cheryl, this bee above is for you!

The lilacs are just starting to pop. Both bushes, the common(I think) and the darker one are full of buds. Carol at May Dreams Gardens has predicted a 'spectacular' year for them. I hope so. Last year we lost most of them to a late killing frost.

This is a not-very-good picture of my wisteria, which is also full of buds. But what I am trying to show is the bird nest in the middle towards the back.

A dove! I was trying to sneak around the back of the garage to get a picture without disturbing her, but she flew right after this shot. I will watch from afar now.

This poor climbing rose has given it's all and it is time to let it go to that great rose garden in the sky. Once upon a time it was glorious in it's width and height and it bloomed with abandon. That was its downfall I'm afraid. My dad loved it and wanted a start for his deck. So, a couple of years ago, he tried to divide it...with a spade. Do I have to explain any further?

Yesterday, I replaced it with a climbing Queen Elizabeth. I promise, no more dividing!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Me, I am going to let my garden-weary-body rest a couple of days and help my husband celebrate his birthday!


Rose said...

Your cherry tree is beautiful, Beckie. I love this time of year when the trees are leafing out and all the flowering trees are starting to bloom, although my crabapples haven't started yet.
I've noticed a lot of doves at my house, too, this year--are they increasing in number or are we just being more observant this year?
Happy Arbor Day and wish S a happy birthday from us!

Cheryl said...

Dear Beckie.....Thank you so much for my bee smile is from ear to ear...such pleasure have you given. You are such a good blogging friend.

Lucky you having doves nesting, they are such gentle birds.

You do well Beckie with your garden, hope your aches and pains are feeling much better soon.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Beckie, your cherry tree is breathtaking! All your garden seems to be coming to life. (I have FM, too, so I feel your pain. I'm glad to hear Lyrica works well for you.)

Amy said...

I am *so glad* that Lyrica works for you and you are able to enjoy your garden again. My mother has FM and it's heartbreaking to see how it has robbed her of the ability to do so many of the things she loves.

Your cherry tree is gorgeous!

beckie said...

Rose, when the crab apples start to bloom, you will have to take pics. They should be very impressive! I know there seem to be more doves here this year. Hope your Arbor Day 'party' went well.

Cheryl, thanks. I wish I could have gotten clearer pictures for you, but they kept moving!

Nancy, after waiting years to get a flowering tree, this one brings much joy. Have you tried Lyrica? I can't say enough good things about it!

Amie, FM can be so horrid. To others, you look fine. Fortunately, I have had great love and support from my family and friends. Hope your mother can once again do the things she loves.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

So glad you can get out and enjoy your garden Beckie. I enjoy seeing it here on your blog. I love the picture of the dove. I hear them cooing all around here but no nests in our garden.

Happy Birthday S. Have fun this weekend.

Mary said...

Dear Beckie,

I'm thrilled you are feeling better. I didn't know about your ills...

I wish you earth worms, a new spade and hoe, and lots of springtimes pleasures. And plenty of bees. We all love the bees.

Have a wonderful weekend, celebrating a birthday, and I hope your bathroom will be toad-free.

Relax and enjoy spring.


beckie said...

Lisa, it has been a very rewarding spring. I am loving being out. I've never had a dove nest where I could see and am soooo thrilled. They are such sweet birds.

Mary, Thank you for all the wishes!
And no more toads. You have a good weekend too!

Carol said...

I love it when the birds nest in places where we can watch them more closely. I had two such nests last year, but haven't found any so far this year.

How wonderful that you feel better! The lilacs are off to a good start. Even though temperatures are dropping for the next few days, I don't think it will go below freezing, so my prediction stands for a great lilac year!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Hedgewitch said...


our lilac tree is just starting to come out now too, in London.

I'm so pleased to hear you found something to give you relief from your fibromyalgia. I have friends with this, so know a little about it.

Hope you enjoy a well-earned rest this weekend :-)

Lets Plant said...

How exciting, I just had a Dove in my yard the other day!! I ran to get the camera but he was gone when I returned. I am to slow!! lol !! Have a great weekend!!

Wendy said...

Your pics are lovely! And I agree, Heaven is gardening (just not too much heavy stuff please).
Thanks for your comment on my blog. And I'm really happy you found a good med for your fibro.
I just started on Elavil 10 m.g at night and so far it's working well!!
I love your blog. It really is uplifting. Makes me feel good - and I do believe the mind influences the body.

jodi said...

Resting is definitely important, Beckie, and I hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday! We have had a lot of doves all winter and spring, so I hope they're planning to nest around our property somewhere, along with the others who make Sunflower Hill their home.

beckie said...

Carol, have shared my 'find' with hubby and a granddaughter, telling them both to stay way back. We watched her from afar this AM and she is sitting so diligently! The lilac bush is very close so when I go to get a whiff, I am very careful.

Hedgewitch, Aren't lilacs wonderful?! Your post on trees was very interesting. Maybe I can find one for next month's.

Lets Plant, thanks for visiting. I'm sure the doves will come back.

Wendy, thanks! I hope the Elavil helps. That's one I've not heard about.

Jodi, I am sure they will find Sunflower Hill to their liking. I wasn't sure what the range of doves was.

Alyssa said...

What great pictures you took. The dove is priceless. My granddaughter developed FM when she was 12! She had to quit gymnastics and cheerleading. I feel so bad for her and she rarely speaks of the pain and swelling she has to go through. It's a horrid disease!

I got a big laugh out of your previous toad post. I love toads and am always picking them up (something that is harmful to them). It's too bad you are turned off by them. They are very helpful when it comes to eating insects. I can't imagine how it got into your bathroom!!??