Thursday, April 10, 2008

Banana Bread and Daffodils

Notice: All work in the garden and lawn area has been temporarily suspended due to a recurring delay in the arrival of Spring. For an ETA, check local weather forecast for frequent updates. This message super-cedes previous announcements that Spring has arrived.

The weather was a cool 40 degrees this morning compared to almost 70 yesterday. The sky was a dark grey and I could have sworn I saw a snowflake or two. Not wanting to spend time on mundane chores, I decided to bake. That always warms the kitchen and produces wonderful aromas. Out came my recipe box and I finally found "Nana's Banana Bread". A favorite I found on the Internet site, All Recipes and have used many times, especially when baking my Christmas breads. I had enough bananas in the freezer to make a double batch and if you are going to dirty up dishes anyway... While I was looking for the banana recipe, I found one for "Apple Breakfast Bread" (also from All Recipes) and decided I had enough apples to make that one, too. The baking went very well, and in a short time I had the oven full, was drinking coffee and reading garden blogs. I'll admit it was hard to wait for the breads to cool some before I cut a piece. Warm banana bread and hot coffee can chase away the gloomiest of days!
Won't you join me?

By mid-afternoon, the sun had come out and the temps had warmed some. I took my camera, of course, and Fat cat and we went out to see how to see how the gardens were doing. A light rain during the night left everything looking fresh and smelling clean.

Can these daffodil buds get any fatter without opening? A few more rays of sun should do the trick. Unfortunately we are expecting 2 days of heavy rain, and then much colder temps.

But the promise of blooms is there.

More day lilies are coming up. This is a new one planted last fall and is called 'little business'. It's a red dwarf variety. I'm anxious to see the color and how well it does.

My Vinca Minor, Bowles is blooming and really spreading. I may have to trim or dig some up for pass along plants to have space for some of the new plants this year.

And speading!

And last but not least, I found several clumps of hostas poking their heads through the ground. I know this looks to be a sunny spot, but after the trees leaf out, it is in deep shade. They are going to get company this year. Brunnera Macrophylla, Jack Frost with it's leaves that turn silver should add some spots of lightness in the shade.


Jane Marie said...

Banana bread, apple bread, and coffee? I'm in. It's 36 degrees this morning and the furnace is still running. The gas bill is outrageous this year, I'm still wearing winter clothes, and I'm tired of being cold. Your breads sounds wonderful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yummm, your bread sounds delicious. I am sitting here this morning reading your blog, drinking my morning tea and wishing I had some of that banana bread.

I am sure when you ignore those daffodils they will pop open. It seems like the anticipation keeps them closed. Maybe they are shy.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Your Banana Bread looks absolutely perfect ! .. I bake it too .. but some how yours looks just right !
What a great thing to do and have on a gloomy day .. I baked a cake yesterday because rain was forecasted .. now today is sunny and I am determined to get more cleaning up done in the garden.
Nice pictures !

Rose said...

Yummmm, I can smell the banana bread over here.
If you have hostas coming up, I may have to poke around in the shade garden this morning to see if I have any. It's supposed to get much colder this weekend; do hostas need to be covered in a frost?

Georgiagirl said...

me and my flip flops are headed your way ... banana bread is my favorite well really I will eat just about anything homemade ..

in the 80's here today not to brag I'll send sunshine and warm temp's to everyone ..


Rose said...

Update: No sign of hostas here. They are covered still with leaves and mulch, and I'm going to leave them alone for the colder temps this weekend. But I do have ONE daffodil in bloom. Hooray!

Cheryl said...

You tease Beckie, I love banana bread, my mouth was watering looking at the photos.

How come your hostas are up before mine, that is amazing. Isn't nature strange sometimes.

beckie said...

Jane Marie, I shouldn't bake that much at one time. I swear I gain weight just smelling food! But I do share with my daughter, and my dad and freeze some. Like you, I haven't put away my 'sweats' yet.

Lisa, I knew you'd rather have tea. I should have set out the tea service!

Joy, I've made many loves of banana bread, starting waaay back when I was in 4H. T One of the criteria was the bread had to have a crack in the top! Still raining here today, so no working outside.

Rose, I've never covered hostas..but am not sure if they should be or not???

Nancy J. Bond said...

Your breads look delicious -- looks like you got a perfect bake on them. Yum! I hope your daffs open for you very soon.

Wendy said...

Ummmmm - banana bread, coffee and apple bread too! Yes, please, I'd like some!!
Good to see your flowers putting in an appearance. We are still buried under snow. It's been a record year for snow - but I saw a robin yesterday, so real spring is not too far off.
I love day lillies and have a lilly garden in my front year. Unfortunately, chipmunks ate most of the bulbs, so I will have to start over.
Any ideas about how to get rid of them, without poison, of course. I hope last year was just a chipmunk year and this year will be better.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm still waiting on that 1st Daffodil blossom. Of course it might have opened, but I'm not going to check now - it's pouring rain.

beckie said...

Cherry, you and your flip flops would be most welcome! We'll take some sun, but not 80's just yet, thank you.

Rose, that would probably be the best. Where mine are coming up, there was no mulch or leaves. Maybe that's why.

Cheryl, I would send you a loaf... Yuk by the time it got there! I'm not sure why these are so early. Maybe yours have better sense.

Thanks, Nancy. Me too!

Wendy, hope you thaw out soon. Maybe chicken wire on the ground under mulch. I'm not sure, but those and the squirrels can really eat bulbs!

beckie said...

MMD, hope you don't get too much rain. We are expecting 2"+. I think the daffys will wait til it's not raining!

The Gardeness said...

Banana bread and flowers? A kindred spirit you are!

Mel said...

Mmmm, banana bread... What time should I be getting there??? hahaha