Monday, April 14, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April, 2008

Yes, I am showing my daffodils, again! I am just so happy to actually have something blooming outside in my garden to show. I love the pale yellow trumpet against the white petals.
My vinca has really come to life in the past few days. It's amazing what a few rays of sun and rain can do.

Of course, there are some blooms not yet open, but are showing great promise.

And does anyone know what this is? It looks a little like the Tansy Lisa showed, but I'm not sure.

Happy Bloom Day!


Rose said...

Hi, Beckie.
I think those of us in Illinois are all showing daffodils, because little else is blooming. But that's ok; I love daffodils--to me they are the first sign of spring.
I've vowed to stay off the computer most of today--trying to work outside.

beckie said...

Rose, I know, I just hoped to have a tulip or something else. I took yesterday off(recouping) and now today must get something done! I did set my seedling out in the sun and away from the wind. I am trying to get them ready for planting...soon, I hope.

Mary said...

Happy Bloom Day, Beckie. Let's look forwards to hundreds more to admire :o)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm happy to see Daffodil shots, I have only one in bloom so far. It looks like your garden is a bit ahead of mine. Go Spring!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your daffodil deserves to be seen again Beckie. It is very pretty. I think the plant you are questioning about is the Fern leaf tansy.

beckie said...

Mary, thank you. I hope we all have lots of bloom days together.

MMD, my garden can't be that far ahead. We've only had daffodils for a very few days. But it is supposed to be a warm week and I am looking for several more to pop.

Lisa, thanks Lisa. Fern leaf Tansy..will write that in my garden journal. This is another one I have no memory of planting and it's been here a few years. Almost pulled it as a weed the first time I saw it growing but left it and it does get a few dark pink daisy-like flowers late in the season.

Carol said...

Happy Bloom Day. Your garden looks like mine right now. Daffodils and vinca blooming and waiting for more!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

beckie said...

Carol, just checked in at your site again. WOW!! 86 responses and most all for bloom day. I(we) really appreciate the effort you put forth to bring this all together each month. Thank you!!