Friday, April 4, 2008

More Spring for Your Buck!

Deciding to take another walk this afternoon when the sun finally came out, I ventured beyond my own gardens. Spring is coming more quickly, it seems, to my neighbors. I found this lovely white with yellow center daffodil and the south side of my neighbor's house across the street. It may be that it is an early variety. I always thought daffys came in one color-yellow. Growing up I remember my grandma's 'March Flowers' as she called them, and they were just yellow. But we knew when went there to hunt Easter eggs, the bunny would always hide some in their leaves.

Again, my neighbor's daffodils. The sun was out finally and was so bright it almost washed the color out in the picture. I assure you the leaves are green and the buds are yellow. But I don't remember mine having their buds pointing down... almost like snow drops. Maybe when they open more and the temps. are warmer they will hold their heads high.

At my mother-in-laws, also across the street (the fact that we have lived so close to her for years entails many interesting stories, but we will save those for another time!) I found her poppies up and growing very well. These are the old fashioned ones-single blooms of orange with a black center. Oh, but they are beautiful when blooming in their great masses. I have tried on several occasions to transplant some of them, but they never survived. I finally felt bad for killing so many and stopped.
And finally, another poor attempt on my part to take a picture of a bird-a male Cardinal. I am just going to have to get a better camera!
Enjoy your weekend!


Cheryl said...

Nothing wrong with your male cardinal, it doesn't make him less beautiful because he is far away. I do hope the poppies I sent come up for you Beckie, it will be alovely surprise for you.
Have a fun time.

beckie said...

Cheryl, thanks. I keep forgetting to say something, but I finally got my seeds planted. Even some of the poppies you sent. Boy are those things little!! I saved some to plant out side when the weather gets warmer. I can't wait.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Finally spring is coming to your neighborhood. Isn't it great fun to find blooming plants and other promises of spring.

Alyssa said...

I like checking out the neighbors' yards to see how their gardens are doing too. I think that daff is called "Ice Follies" - an early and prolific type. My favorite daffodil colors are very pale yellow or pinky/salmon ones.

We have some old fashioned poppies that were here when we moved in. They have spread all over and put on quite a show! I don't touch them in case they would become jinxed!! They surely don't transplant well.

Happy Spring!

Rose said...

I think I must have a comment floating out there in cyberspace...
As I said then, it's true, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence (or street in this case). I'm sure your flowers will catch up soon.

Beth said...

It will be such fun to watch your garden burst forth on line. Just emerging now--mine is still buried but after a weekend in DC I know there is hope.

beckie said...

Lisa, it does make our day to see signs of spring, finally!

Alyssa, neighbors are always willing to show off their gardens!
Thanks for the info, I will tell her. Poppies are so temperamental!

Rose, blogger tends to eat a comment now and again! I know we are all wanting to see real blooms aren't we?

Beth, hope you melt soon. Can't wait to see pics of your trip.