Thursday, March 6, 2008

Serious Addiction

I am going to go public about my addiction. I have terrible cravings. I get cold sweats. My hands have tremors. My mind won't focus, and I am constantly wondering where my next fix will come from. I don't keep appointments and show up late for family gathering. My house work gets neglected and my laundry piles up. The mail and the bills are gathering and I think I am getting cut off notices.

I don't sleep, my eyes are bleary and I think my nose is running. People are starting to notice and have been whispering behind my back.

Yes, I am hooked! And I am not going to quit! I will continue to find a way to feed my habit! No intervention for me!

The wonderful, wacky, inane, witty, lively, amusing and entertaining world of Blogging has me in its' throes! I find my self on my laptop all hours of the day and night. I read all my favorites blogs then all their favorites blogs. I sit for hours gazing at the lovely flowers, beautiful birds, and gorgeous gardens. My mind goes hazy as I dream of how to incorporate them into my garden. I write down names of plants and check out their zone tolerance. I Google bird names to see if their habitat includes my area. I add a comment or ask a question. Then, I go back to see if I've been answered. And this is just the morning routine. It all happens, again, at night and some days at noon.

I have my camera at the ready at all times verging on the fanatical when it comes to keeping spare batteries and an extra memory chip. I watch for signs of spring as I do my shopping. I check out birds as I am driving, craning my neck to see what is flying over head. I wish I had my sunroof back! I spend hours at the window staring at my bird feeders waiting to get that perfect bird picture. I curse(yes, I've said bad words)the zoom feature for not getting close enough.

My thoughts are not my own anymore. I am constantly thinking of things to post. Could I do a whole post on the flying creature I thought might be a hawk? No, I didn't see it clearly much less get a picture. And I am sure I wouldn't now its' name anyway. Could I do one on the new bird feeder I bought, or the new garden gloves? Maybe, I could take pictures of my dead and dying bushes that have some kind of blight. But I don't remember the names of those bushes. I could always do one on the fact that I am so disorganized.

I have tried to quit. Even with company here, I still managed to sneak a peek while taking a bathroom break. When we lose (God forbid!) power and Internet connection and I have to go Cold Turkey, I've held my laptop outside to see if I could pick up a stray signal.

Alas and alack! I am an addict, a junkie... habituated, fixated, obsessed, hooked, compulsed and fanatical. Thank you, no, I don't want cured!


gintoino said...

beckie, I was laughing so much with your post! I know the feeling. Ever since I started bloging, I carry my camera with me (we never know if I'll see something worth while posting). It's the first thing I do in the morning and the last at night. I do love to read those blogs! Like you I also dont want to be cured!

Cheryl said...

Oh have just written my story....I am quite worried about me, I to am obsessive, sneaking to my lap top at every possible moment. I have to check everyones blog in case I have missed someones latest post.
Its so nice to know that I am not alone out there.

Mel said...

Erm... that sounds so familiar I'm blushing right now...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Tee hee crack me up Beckie. I bet 9/10ths of us are in the same boat, without an oar. :) Not only this but I have started a blog just for my art work. You can check it out sometime. I wouldn't want you to run out of things to look at. tee hee.

Beth said...

Oh dear, you might have been talking about me. I'm finding that it is a nice way to avoid watching the politics on TV that my husband enjoys. I just dive into the blogosphere and look at pictures of flowers and birds and insects and remember to make sounds of agreement when he says something about what's on TV and then try not to laugh out loud at a funny posts.

beckie said...

Gintoino, I absolutely carry my camera with me! I just know I'd see something if I didn't.

Cheryl, it's a sickness isn't it?:)

Mel, thanks for visiting!

Lisa, I am so tickled! I have been hoping you would! Will go there now and be sure to put it on my List!!

Beth, I had a feeling I wasn't the only one, or so I hoped. Isn't it great to have found so many great people!