Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Dad and Nature

This must be my week for nature excursions. Sunday I had my granddaughter, Nikki, out and on Monday, my Dad.

My Dad is 83 years young and this winter has discovered the joys of nature watching. He lives very close to Lake of the Woods at Mahomet, Il. It is a 900 acre forest preserve with hiking trails, lots of wooded areas and many picnic spots. For those who can't hike, there are roads to drive. My Dad drives! He usually goes over at least once a day to watch the deer, squirrels and birds. He even took our Halloween pumpkins in Novvember for them to eat! I know he has been enjoying these jaunts as he tells me about them every time we talk or meet.

Today, I went over to help with the house work and laundry. It is amazing to me how one person can have so many dirty clothes and cause so much clutter! But I digress, it is nature we are talking about today. When we were driving back from lunch, he asked if I was in a hurry and even if I had been, I would have still said no. He wanted to take me to some of his favorite spots. I was afraid we wouldn't see anything because it was so early in the day. But we did! There are actually 3 deer in these pictures... 2 are laying down. He was very proud to show me his spots and was very excited when we found some deer.
I think there is a lesson in here somewhere. Something about still learning from your parents even though the roles are reversing. Add to that something about the gift of time and I think we might even have a moral to the story. So learn the lesson and share it forward.


Beth said...

Oh Beckie, I love this juxtaposition of a post about you and your grandchild enjoying nature and then one about you and your father--what a wonderful legacy for your family.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are the good daughter Beckie. I know you made your Dad mighty happy with all your attention. One does get lonely when living alone with nothing but your memories.

Cheryl said...

Beckie...your post made me smile and also brought tears to my eyes. I look after my parents and my mother-in-law, they live in our village. Like you I try to spend time with them.
You touched me with your writing, and your kindness...you will get your rewards in heaven.
Its a pleasure to know you.

Visit blog...I have a teddy bear sunflower as my HEADER. You can see what is to come, if you manage to grow them.

Mary said...


Your story is so bittersweet. My Dad was the same...always wanting me to hear his new piano music (over the phone) and anything else he found interesting during his days. He would catch me off-guard sometimes and I'd be a little impatient. It's been a long time since I've received a phone call or visit from him as 12 years ago he suffered a major stroke and is now in a nursing home. So, treasure every moment, have patience, and keep writing about the fun you have.


beckie said...

Thank you all for your comments. I am not always so patient with my Dad. Nor with the granddaughters. Some days are better than others. But I know Dad is really slowing down and I feel that quality time is going to be less and less. It is a sad thing to watch your parent become the child. As one of the girls said, "We are making memories!" And I guess I am trying to get some more in.

Rose said...

A very poignant story, Beckie. You remind me every day that sometimes we have to make time for what is really important.