Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zick Dough, Starting Seeds and Geese!

It is a beautiful spring day with the sun shinning and the promise of temps near 60. I have concocted a double batch of Zick dough for the birds and am letting it cool before putting it outside. Seeing this dough mentioned on several blogs peaked my curiosity and finally Beth had a link to the recipe. She promises my camera and I will be very busy taking pictures of all the birds coming to dine!
I have all the essentials gathered to start my seeds indoors. I have the Jiffy instant peat pellets, and will admit it's been years since I have tried these. Actually, it's been years since I've attempted to grow my own seedlings. But as there have been many of you posting on the how's, I am feeling fairly confident. I am also using the plastic trays with individual cups that you fill with seed starting soil. Both of these trays have clear tops to keep in the moisture. I even bought a grow light, something I have never used. In past attempts, I placed the newly sown seeds in a west facing window and assumed nature would do her thing! Last, but certainly not least, I have a new pair of gardening gloves. Any gardener, novice or experienced, knows gloves are part of the ensemble. Usually the more tattered and threadbare, the more one is perceived as a 'green thumb' gardener. In my case, I have no such illusions and besides my old ones were last used pulling wild berry briers out of the wisteria.

So the problem now becomes what to plant. I have really let my eyes overload my plate so to speak. My enthusiasm is greater than space or my purse allows, and I will have to give careful consideration to my choices. If, in a few days, I post pictures of tiny seedlings growing, you will know I have had success. If no photos show up... well, let's just hope for a bumper crop.

I did find a new garden marker that pretty well sums up my gardens!While I was is town doing my many but necessary (ugh!) errands, I decided to take a few moments for me. Along one of our newly developed business areas are several water retention ponds. They are populated mostly with Canadian geese who have multiplied by scores in the last few years. And they are almost tame now, with people feeding them year round. They are so funny to watch as they turn en masse on the water and swim toward the new source of food. The braver ones come bounding up the bank as fast as their gated wobble will let them. They hiss and honk, flap their wings, and charge at the more timid ones sneaking in on their booty of bread crumbs. Some are even bold enough to take morsels from your hand. It is pure joy to be among them.

Refreshed, I went back to doing errands!


Cheryl said...

All very interesting Beckie....really interested in the Zick Dough, I've never heard of it.

Be interested to see the seeds as well.

Canada geese have increased in numbers here to, we see plenty of them in the fields and on lakes.

Have fun.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Look at all those seeds. You are gonna be busy. Good luck.

Rose said...

You have been a busy girl! I don't have to drive 20 miles, though, to see the geese--there are seven of them who have been nesting in our cornfield the last two nights. However, it was too dark for me to get a good picture.

beckie said...

Cheryl, it was easy to make. Now we'll see if the birds like it.

Lisa, thought I was going to get to them today, but it was so nice outside, I worked cleaning flower beds and raking leaves!

Rose, you'll have to show me! Want to help with the seeds?

Surya said...


I like your Garden Marker. It's really fun to see Canada geese in public pond. You can't see something like that in Indonesia.

Have a nice day..

Beth said...

worked in your garden all day--I love the sound of that. I think I have gardens in my yard, but they are under 5 feet of frozen solid snow pack. Thanks for reminding us that spring will come. Enjoy the flower dreams.

beckie said...

Surya, I tnink we would give you some geese too! Thank-you for visiting!

Beth, I can't imagine that much snow, let alone this late in the year! You must take those hikes into the mountains to keep your humor about it and to avoid melancholy!