Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Done! ?? to Go!

Finally! I just couldn't wait any longer. I planted two containers today. No, the roof isn't quite done and the patio is still a mess, but container envy got the best of me.

Rose and I went plant shopping, yet again, yesterday. She was looking for a few specifics and I was just getting started. I have had all spring-well winter too- to decide what I wanted to do with most of my pots and barrels, but when it came time to actually put my ideas into action, I froze. So I did what any beginning gardener would do. I went with tried and true.

I love wave petunias and they have always done very well in the barrels. This is one variety that does what it promises. Waves and waves of blooms, no dead heading, and very little care needed. Earlier this year when we attended the seminars at the garden center I found these wire baskets that sit on a raised ring. I had envisioned putting them in the barrels with something cascading down among the lower level plants. I sorta did that. The first one has pink waves in the top and
Supertunia 'Boudeaux' in the bottom with vinca. By the way, the vinca is some that comes up every year from a long ago plant that escaped a container. In fact, I give a lot of it away each year and pull it up where it grows unwanted.

This one has pink wave in the bottom along with the vinca and purple wave in the top. I am not sure these are totally done. I may plant something white in each... we'll just have to see.

I do have a rose in bloom. This is a miniature we planted many years ago and I don't remember the name. I almost missed it. It's in a small bed around a light pole and I have cone flowers there. Well, you know how well cone flowers reseed. When I saw a small dot of orange, I investigated thinking it was trash from the roof. We are now minus a few cone flowers!

An Iris! Besides having container envy, I have had iris envy. Mine must be a later variety. I have this pale purple and a white, but so far this is the only bloom. Several buds though. Speaking of iris, I am going to get into my mother-in-law's patch this fall. She has some of the really old fashioned ones-purples, yellows, and that kind of bronze one. She has offered in the past and I never took her up. But now with her in the nursing home, it seems important that I keep some of her flowers going. Maybe even to hand down to the next generation.

And now for a roof update. The shingles are all on and they are working on replacing soffits. I would think tomorrow, if the rain holds off. But surely by Monday! Of course it will take a day to pick up the mess. Is getting a new roof always this messy? The final job will be taking a magnet that's on wheels around the yard and driveway to pick up all those nails that seem to appear with any type of home improvement.

The other news- I think we have the Internet problem fixed! It seems I was put on the south west signal and with the trees now in full leaf I wasn't picking it up. Of course the main reason is that I am south east of the tower(or what ever it is). So the nice repair man changed it.
Well, I am rambling, I know. So I will close by wishing you a wonderful weekend of gardening or what ever you chose. Us-we get to mow and rake and them mow again!


Beth said...

I like the raised pot within your barrel, that makes a nice effect--I'll be anxious to see a picture in a month or so when it fills out. The rose is beautiful too, I do love roses but don't have any--I've never felt permanent enough in a home to invest in a rose bed--but soon, perhaps. I like the vintage irises too, I'm glad you get go dig them up to share with future generations.

Rose said...

Container envy? LOL
I like the raised basket above the whiskey barrel. I didn't know what you were going to do with that when you bought the wire basket, but this is really clever and attractive. I just love those Bordeaux petunias. You do need a little more in the other planter--I think this means more shopping! :)

Karen said...

Your containers are just beautiful! I love wave petunias too.

Naturegirl said...

I love the idea of a raised planter on top of the larger one! I can just image what it will look like when it fills in with the cascading beauties!
I also love the cascading petunias!
I am always in awe how the mini roses survive our harsh winters and then they come back so strong and vibrant..filled with an abundance of buds!! Happy gardening NG

Laura said...

The planters look great; I can't wait to see them when they fill in! Glad you were able to get your internet problem fixed.

Does container envy go along with EWS? Rose wants to go shopping again- hope you can help her practice some restraint!

beckie said...

Beth, if the raised planter in the barrels turns out half as well as what I see in my mind, I will be happy. Your iris story a while back started me thinking about my MIL's iris and wanting to keep them for my grand girls.

Rose, I promise when(not if!) we go plant shopping, I will be more organized!

Karen, thanks. You just can't beat those wave petunias for blooms and ease.

NG, I am sure hoping for cascading! I know what you mean about the mini roses. They are tough when compared to some of the bigger hybrids.

Laura, container envy definitely goes with EWS! I am not a good influence on Rose. I tell her she deserves the plant's she wants, in fact suggest she get twice as many as she is thinking about. But we do have fun. :)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Saving those Irises is a great idea. Many years ago, my sister interviewed an Iris lady from the western suburbs. This lady was getting up in years, so she gave my sister several of her Irises so that they'd continue after she was gone. My sister gave the Irises to my mom, where they still grow & are about to bloom. They are wonderful heritage plants.

Wendy said...

Oh your iris is absolutely delicious!! And the raised pot within the barrel is a really good idea. I think I'll copy that one from you!
You have a lovely garden - and it's only the beginning.
Glad everything else is getting resolved. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beckie your roof is just beautiful. It is amazing all the pretty colors they have for roofs now days. I dread the time we will have to reroof our house. Hopefully it can be done during winter so the plants won't have as much damage.

Your planters are really great. I love the idea of the basket over the barrel. It will be so pretty when it fills in and all is cascading around the barrel. It will look like a big fountain of flowers.

Your Iris is a pretty color. Our bearded irises are almost finished blooming now. There are only one or two blooms. The japanese Iris are beginning.

I hope you have a nice weekend too.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I'm glad the internet connection is working well again.

The containers are pretty right now, I can't wait to see what they look like when spilling over the containers.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie.....I never particularly cared for Iris's until I started blogging. I saw Lisa's at Greenbow and fell in love with her white Japanese Iris. Now you have shown your little beauty and I am smitten....what a lovely bloom. I feel a purchase coming on next time I visit the garden centre, added bonus rabbits don't like them!
Your barrels are going to look splendid, can't wait to see them in full bloom.

Your roof, I really feel sorry for you....I bet truthfully you can't wait to be back to normal.

Hope you are well.....have a great weekend.

beckie said...

MMD, I like the idea of pass along plants that have a story or a memory of someone. Now when those iris bloom you will always think of the 'iris lady.'

Wendy, we still working on the resolving, but at least I can see the light I think. I'm not sure if those baskets were intended to be used like I did, but am hoping they turn out well.

Lisa, that's a perfect way to describe the planters-like a fountain of flowers in the middle. Thanks! The shingles kind of look like shake shingles and we are pleased. You can't roof when it gets too cold. Something about them having to seal in the heat.

Robin, thanks, I am anxious for them to fill out.

Cheryl, admittedly iris only last a short while, but they have such amazing blooms and colors. It's kind of like collecting orchids-soooo many different ones. The roof is almost done Thank heavens! Then comes the clean up-ugh!

No Rain said...

When your barrel plantings fill out it will be gorgeous! I like to stick with tried and true for non-cactus container plantings, and usually end up with vinca in summer, nasturtium in late winter, and French marigolds or petunia in spring to summer. Non-traditional desert plantings, but reliable and colorful.