Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Perennials!

Well the mystery has been solved. The plant below is one I asked about a while back. From the leaves it was thought to be a fern leaf tanzy. But after blooming, it was decided not to be. While plant browsing this week, I came upon one in bloom-the exact same color even. It is a Tanacetum, or 'painted daisy'. The color was not mentioned as they were mixed in the pot. So I have written it's name in my garden journal, crossing out the tanzy. This is one of those DIPT plants and even after finding out it's name have no recollection of buying or planting.

Rose and I got in one more plant shopping excursion this week with me supposedly only looking again. With the work on the roof still in progress, I was not ready to start planting any annuals.
But as Carol has said, if you see a plant that just reaches out and grabs you, you should go ahead and buy it. I saw two. This one is Artemisia schmidtiana, 'silver mound'.

This one Sedum rupestre, 'Angelina'. Isn't it beautiful now?! And in the fall it gets a reddish tint to the tips of the leaves.

Those I planted this afternoon along with a couple of pass-along plants from Rose. A yarrow, which she warned me would spread, and a ground cover which I have already forgotten the name of.
Do Cats like Yarrow?

While planting those, I happen to walk down by the 'climbing tree'. I have several hostas planted around the base. Evidently this past weekend was hard on a couple of them...I have a feeling this is where the girls came down out of the tree. Hopefully they will come back at least some. In the meantime, I guess the girls and I are going to have a talk about not stepping on plants-please!

As I mentioned earlier, the work on the roof continues. They have found a several places where water has damaged the plywood and are having to replace it. Also, they are replacing most of our soffits-more water damage. Hopefully, by this time next week all will be done and I can show the finished project. And get my containers planted!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. I wish you sun, fun, family and friends!


Oswald said...

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No Rain said...
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No Rain said...

Beautiful flower. I love that yellow center with the brilliant pink petals. I also love Artemisia, and have several of them. The only problem is that they get so woody and kind of ugly when that happens. I always wait too long to prune!
What type of cactus do you have in your house? If I knew the type, I could give you an idea as to whether you can do anything with it.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie.....I love Artemisia, beautiful silver foliage....I think it always softens bright bold planting.
Oh dear the Hostas look sad. Is the soil dry around them Beckie. Sometimes a watering will help...if it is the grandchildren then that has flattened them I suspect it might take a time for them to recover.
Oh the joy of gardening.
The daisy is lovely, I like the contrast of colour, so intense.
Have a wonderful weekend may the sun shine on you and your roof soon be finished.

Beth said...

I love the silver mound, it is so pretty. I'm going to keep my eyes open for that when I go to buy some plants this weekend.

gintoino said...

I love that Artemisia! Those poor Hostas, I hope they recover.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Who needs a dog to smash your hostas when you have Grands. Ha... I bet they will survive their "pruning". Just cut off any broken leaves and they will survive.

The one ground cover Rose gave you looks like a Lamium. I just love those silver leaved lamiums.

That daisy is beautiful. I love the bright pink.

Have a wonderful weekend. I know you will.

Rose said...

Lisa is right--the ground cover is lamium; I was thinking the variety was called silver beacon, but of course I never wrote it down anywhere. Did I tell you it's supposed to be in shade?
The hosta will probably come back. I thought maybe the cat had sat on it; mine have already found the nepeta (catmint) and made an indentation in it for a little nap.

Amy said...

That ground cover is a lamium. I love them! There was purple and white flowering lamium here when we bought the house ( you can also get pink. Yellow is considered an invasive plant where I live). I've gradually divided it and it now borders two of my front flower beds.

Laura said...

Beckie- Thanks for commenting on my blog. I always wonder if anyone is reading it! Hope everything is going good with your roof. I love the picure of the Painted Daisy- if you don't mind, I would like to print it out to show my customers since I have a few of them for sale here.

The Hosta should come back just fine- they are very tough plants! I had dug some out of a customer's yard (they didn't want them anymore) and brought a clump home bareroot in the trunk of my car in the middle of summer. I set the clump down on the ground outside the back door of my house (north side) to plant after dinner. Eleven years later they are still there; even with my chocolate lab digging around them!

Laura said...

I forgot to mention- I never did plant them!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Poor Hostas! Back when I had a full sun garden, I grew Silver Mound Artemesia. I'd go visit it just to run my fingers over it. It's got the best texture. I'm glad you've solved the mystery of the plant's ID.

Wendy said...

If I were to buy every plant that reached out and grabbed me - I'd be buying the whole shop!
Lovely photos. I hope you get your roof done soon!

joey said...

Thanks for the visit, Beckie. 40 years to a wonderful husband ... kudos (41 for me June 3rd). As the garden grows, so grows our life!

beckie said...

Thank you all for your great comments. We were away again this weekend, and I am having trouble getting caought up on evereything.

Mary said...

Hi Beckie!!! I've been away too long and see you have been busy! I love your painted daisies...

You've been so busy and I'm trying to catch up. I giggled at the girls' climbing tree. Hey, little girls should climb before they get old and wreck their backs :o)

Missed you,

Amy said...

Hi Beckie - thanks so much for the well wishes :) Don't worry, I'm being a good girl. I'll have a better idea next week about what is going to happen when I see my doctor again for a check-up