Monday, May 12, 2008

Doves and DIPT!

Yes Momma Dove is still sitting! Are those eggs ever going to hatch? I worried about the nest in the winds we had yesterday, but all seems well.

Speaking of the wind... it was a nasty cold rainy windy day here on Mother's Day. Our yard and the front(north) side of our house looks like someone went through the trees with leaf chopper. Bunches of battered leaves are laying everywhere. Bits of leaves are now stuck on windows and siding. Poor trees really took a beating!

My last stand of tulips. I don't remember planting these...but I surely did as they are a full 2 weeks behind the rest of them, and are a different color. There must be a term for garden forgetfulness-DIPT? That sounds good The DIPT syndrome. Did I Plant This?

The wisteria is making up for no blooms last year. The frost came just as the buds were about to open. Another of my 'to do ' projects is to get this trained on a better and higher trellis.

The lily of the valley is blooming. I love the fragrance of these tiny treasures.

MIL's poppies were saved from most of the wind. The are on the south side of the house with huge concrete steps blocking the westerly winds.

I hope you take time each day to enjoy the wonders of spring!

* a family matter has me gone most of this week and this weekend we have the granddaughters so I will not be posting for a while. I am going to try to keep up with reading though-I might go into withdrawal if not!


Rose said...

Beckie, I definitely have DIPT, especially when it comes to spring bulbs! I think you have invented a very clever term that will enter every gardener's vocabulary.
You certainly have a lot of blooms in your garden; I'm not sure I'll have anything ready for this week's Garden Bloom day.
I hope your week goes well.

beckie said...

Thanks, Rose. With that wind yesterday, I wasn't sure I'd have anything left! Will let you know how things go.

Cheryl said...

Lovely little dove, what a treat having it so close. Love the colour of the tulips to.
And of course, the all time favourite Poppy. Hope the winds have died down Beckie.....and everything is much calmer.
Have a great week.

Beth said...

That dove is so beautiful--what a nice mother's day picture. Enjoy the time with your granddaughters and Happy Mother's Day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just wrote about a couple of episodes of DIPT. Now I have a name for it.

Love that wisteria and those pink tulips are yummy.

Good luck on your journey this week.

beckie said...

Cheryl, today was a picture perfect spring day-and I had errands to do. Oh well, I'm sure there will be more days to be outside.

Beth, thanks! She is sure being a patient mother isn't she?

Lisa, as I get older, I have more and more DIPT! I am very happy with the wisteria this year. Thanks for the well wishes.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I ready for a break from the nasty weather. It sounds like you guys had more wind than we did.

I love pink tulips. That was a nice surprise for you. I have a terrible memory and often forget planting things. Now I know what to call it.

Wendy said...

DIPT - I just love it! And, we also have squirrels who kidnap bulbs and replant them all over the place - so who really knows who planted what, where??

Love your pics, the tulips especially. And that sweet little dove. Glad she's o.k.

Too bad about the weather on Mother's Day - but I'm sure your family more than made up for the weather.

Will miss you this week.

Amy said...

I've always wished we could grow wisteria here. Your dove looks so lovely in her little nest! I hope all will be well with your family :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie....I know that you are busy but I have tagged you today. Hope you don't mind, and don't feel obliged to join in.

No Rain said...

I have a dove pair that have been sitting in the nest for 2 months now. It takes dove eggs 14-15 days to hatch, so either there are no eggs or they are no good. I'm curious as to how long they'll sit before figuring out it's a lost cause. Or maybe they just keep laying more eggs. Hopefully I'll be surprised by seeing some babies, but if not, well, what can one expect from bird-brains?

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your Tulips are picture perfect! I just bought a Wisteria & am trying to figure out how big a pergola I'm going to need to support it. If you figure out what to do with yours, please post about it when you have time. (This is crazy social time.)
BTW - here's a hint for getting things like Lily of the Valley in bloom. Put one hand in front of the plant, focus on that, then remove your hand and snap the shot. Usually works.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie.....Welcome home....have missed your comments, hope that all is well.
Quite understand about tags they are tedious, aren't they. I am not doing them again......its not the object of a blog as far as I am concerned.
Take care.

No Rain said...

My sister grows a lot of flowers and she has the DIPT syndrome also. I am spared--I do remember everything I plant because it's mostly cacti and succulents not grown from seed or bulbs.
My bird-brained dove is still sitting after 9 weeks. Now it's up to 110 degrees, and I don't know how much longer the pair can just sit there.