Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pity Party and Bad Connections!

My dry spell between postings is partially self imposed and partially due to trouble with my Internet connection. I have been down for a while now with some family issues that I can't seem to resolve. I know that it will all work out eventually and have just been having a pity party for myself. Since Thursday last week, my Internet connection has been sporadic at best. Finally, I have been promised a visit from the technician tomorrow and I hope that will help.

The roof is progressing, even though rain and a holiday have caused some delay. There have been some pluses along the way. One is having our lightening rods taken down to facilitate the removal of the shingles. There are 3 of them and they were attached to the roof with copper cable run through the bottoms and down each side of the house. I have always liked the look of them on the roof and maybe they did protect us as we have never had lightning strike the house.
The glass ball sits on a pointed copper piece and that sits in a metal frame that is attached to the roof. The bottom of the cooper tube was then connected to copper cable.

Once down, I decided to use them in the gardens rather than put them back up.

The 2 with the glass balls still intact will be used as obelisks and will have clematis growing up them. The one without the ball I'm not sure about where it will end up. I do know they will all stay in the garden as part of the history that goes with the house.

The painted daisy is in full bloom and I am really enjoying the bright color.

These dark centered cloverleafs are a bulb of unknown name that came as a bonus with an order for plants earlier this spring. They were simply named 'exotic bulbs'. So I am watching them with anticipation.

The 'sum and substance' hosta that I received as a birthday gift from Rose a couple of years ago, is really starting to live up to it's name. We had seen one of these at a garden in the Chicago area and both fell in love with the huge leaves.

I have trimmed my lilacs-the taller one a lot. I know the 1/3 rule, but decided if I had to do without blooms next year, so be it. It was just getting away from me and the blooms were almost too high to enjoy this year.
I have embraced weeding about as much as I can stand and am going to mulch heavily to keep them at bay. Of course that will have to wait until the roof is done. As will the container planting. So still much to do in the gardens, but with things on hold for a few days yet, I will just enjoy what is there. Don't forget to enjoy your gardens in this busy season.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to see you back on the web Beckie. I don't blame you for keeping the lightening rods in the garden. They are very interesting. The one with the glass ball is very pretty too. Our Sum and Substance Hosta is also getting huge. I had to move a plant that was beside it this year. Don't you just love this spring weather? You will be happier when the roof is done and you can finish up your plantings. Hang in there. I hope you get your internet connection fixed. How frustrating on top of all else.

Rose said...

Beckie, What a clever idea to use the lightning rods in your garden! They look great. I always wondered if those things really did any good, anyway.
Do hope you get your internet connection working properly. I know you're like me--days without blogging? That's like a day without sunshine--oh wait, we haven't had many of those either.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Those lighting rods were wasted up on the roof. They look great in the garden. I can think of few things more frustrating than internet problems. I hope yours is resolved soon.

Laura said...

Those lightning rods do look great in the garden! I know how frustrating it can be to have internet/computer problems- hang in there!

Karen said...

Those exotic bulbs you have there are called 'shamrock'. I have some as well. They open up in the sun and close when it gets dark. I agree with everyone else that those lightning rods look great in your garden

Cheryl said...

I love the lightening rods, great idea to keep them in the garden Beckie.....as you say all part of the history.
I see someone has already told you that the mystery plant is shamrock bulbs. If they are the same as the ones I have they get a pretty pink flower.
Sorry you have had trouble with the internet....I am not very good when things go wrong with mine, I find it all to frustrating.
Nice to see you back and posting.

Amy said...

I hope that all will be worked out very soon with your family Beckie.

I love your idea for using the lightening rods in your garden - very creative!

beckie said...

Lisa, thanks for the encouragement. I know things will work out and look a little better today now that the sun is shinning!

Rose, Thanks for the plant shopping today. It was a definite mood lifter.

MMD, I am so pleased with the rods and how they look in the gardens. Neighbors may think I'm nuts though. Internet is fixed!(fingers are crossed though)

Thanks Laura. How did we ever get along without Internet?:)

Karen, I thought they looked like a shamrock but wasn't sure. Will they come back next year?

Cheryl, I hope they have a pink bloom-my favorite color. With out Internet I feel isolated. Worse than not having a phone!

Thanks Amy. I'm sure it will all work out, it just takes time and I am one of those who wants immediate resolution to problems. I am so pleased with the rods in the gardens. Hope you are on the mend!

joey said...

Good luck with all the hefty projects, Beckie. Isn't 'sum and substance' a beauty?

No Rain said...

Hi Beckie,
The lightening rods are a great addition to your garden. I'm so glad the vast majority of weeding is behind me, at least until fall. The sun takes care of most stray weeds in the summer--it just fries them to a dry crisp!

Wendy said...

I'll bet you can't wait for all those workers to finish your roof so you can really spend time in your garden. Oh, and that internet thing can really be frustrating.
Never mind - if the weather permits, you can spend more time outside.
Really enjoyed those purple daisies.

beckie said...

Joey, I am so tickles the hosta is finally getting big!

Aiyana, Thanks, I think they look good out there. Well, living in an oven does have it's rewards!

Wendy, thank goodness they are almost done. And I think we have the Internet problem solved.(fingers crossed!)