Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hoe Down 2008!

We are so excited over here at Dragonfly Corner! We've been invited to the first ever 'Hoe Down' at Carol's place. Mother Rake has been busy all week getting everybody's duds cleaned and laid out. Dad Hoe has been trying to get his outside work caught up so that he can take Saturday off and join in the festivities. Grandpa Rake came all the way from his house-no easy feat for a Rake of his age and having to use a cane. Baby Rake-Hoe is too young to realize he will be a part of history, but knows something's up. They all got ready in record time and so we have time to take a few pictures of them dressed in their finery.

First Grandpa Rake. He's had that same old straw hat for years now and where he goes -it goes. Being wooden, Grandpa spends a lot of his time inside now as the dampness and cold get to his tines. He probably was used a little too much in his early years and now has to use a cane to get around. Although the spirit is willing, his body begs to differ.

Dad Hoe isn't one, usually, to sit around and pose for pictures. But today, being such an important occasion, he has donned his just washed farmer's hat and put on his new kerchief. Dad can usually be found outside chopping weeds and loosening the soil. He expects he's got quite a few good years left in him.

Mom Rake (Grandpa Rake's daughter) is sporting a new necklace of pearls bought just for this get-together. She wanted to make a good impression! Her hair was a bit unruly and she decided to wear one of her prettier scarfs. Although, she's busy year round, she's most in demand in the fall. Her slim lightweight body and shorter than average stature make her quite popular.

Baby Rake-Hoe looks like both his parents. A hoe on one side with tines on the other. Small though he may be, he has come to be a favorite for small jobs and is especially useful when it is planting time. He really didn't want to pose, but Mom Rake gave him his favorite Teddy and that keeps him entertained while also keeping him still so as not to get his baby blue sleeper messy. I'm sure this little guy will be around for many, many years and do his part in keeping the gardens in good order!

Time for one last picture before we go. With their busy lives, it may be a while before all can take time for a Family picture.

Come on! Join us as we head to May Dreams Garden for the big shindig. Time's a wasting!


Carol said...

It is nice to see the hoe family come out for such a hoe-some event, isn't it? And this is one of the nicest families I've seen in a while, they look like a real fun bunch.

I hope they have a great time at the hoe down!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Cheryl said...

What a fun post. I feel like I should rush into my shed and get my hoe out. Very cute hoe family.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a Hoot Beckie. I can see that you had a Hoe lota fun getting ready for the Hoe down. It appears that our family has a Hoe branch I wasn't aware of. tee hee..

Rose said...

Hoe, hoe, hoe! Very clever post, Beckie! As amusing as this is, I'm laughing even more as I think what the neighbors must have thought while you were doing this:-) I bet you turned a few heads of drivers passing by!

Wendy said...

Oh yeah, this sounds like fun. I agree with Rose - bet you had lots of "nosey neighbours" wondering what the hoe you were doing!

beckie said...

Carol, what fun this has been! My bunch has had a ball. Thanks for inviting us and maybe we can do it again sometime.

Cheryl, would love to see an English hoe. She may look like ours, but I'll bet she has an accent!

Lisa, I'm thinking of inviting the hoe family to our next reunion. Should be a hoesome time.

Rose, while I was out side taking a hoe lot of pictures, I'm sure a few of the neighbors were peeking through their win-hoes! Can you imagine what my MIL would have thought!!

Wendy, we have had some hoesome fun with this! I am sure my neighbors thought I'd lost not part but my hoe mind.

Alyssa said...

What a neat way to present your hoes. You sure have an excellent imagination! Love the baby-rake/hoe!!

And from your previous post it looks like you've picked up some really nice plants. I did the same thing this weekend, again. Nearly impossible not to find something that catches your eye!