Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Delights!

Cone flowers are one of the true delights in the summer. You plant one and before you know it you have a whole bed full of the tall, stately, regal blooms.Heads held high, their crowns eagerly await the pollinators.

A corner bed now full to overflowing,

A very brave rabbit dared to sit in the open this afternoon. So far, I have noticed no damage from them.

A couple more day lilies have opened today. This is 'purple d'oro'.

No name for this one, but it is standing on a scape that is almost 3' tall.

This is 'wineberry candy'. But she is not opening-I watched her all day. She looks more like a tulip. We'll she if she finishes opening tomorrow, but I have a feeling this was her day. Hopefully the next buds will open all the way. She is new this year and I am excited to see her in her full glory.

I planted purple and yellow gladiolas this year, spreading them through out the garden in small groupings. I wonder is this one got in by mistake, or is this going to be the color of all the purples? Either way, this one is eye catching.

My zinnia seedlings are starting to bloom. I planted several packets of mixed and was surprised when the first ones were all pink. Now I have this one and a couple of white. Do certain colors bloom first? Or was this just a coincidence?

Sunflowers but so far no bees. Maybe I just am not out there when they come.

This is the other dwarf 'teddy' sunflower I mentioned last time. While the first one was only 6" tall and had a bloom of 2", this one is 3' tall with a bloom 6" across. Both beautiful!

And finally, another photo of the corn . It is standing a good 4' tall now. Certainly "knee high by the 4th of July"!
Another busy, busy week coming up. Work, seeing to a contract for selling my Dad's place, watering the garden( hot and mostly dry is forecast for all week) and last but not least, getting the house ready for weekend company. Posting may not get done, but visiting my favorite blogs is always on my list of to dos.

" Walking into darkness on a summer night watching the stars,
As they pass by faster than a shooting star,
So if ever you are out on a hot summer night in July,
Don't let the night stars pass you by."
by Bernice Rush

Enjoy your hot July nights watching the stars!


Beth said...

Oh Beckie, What beautiful pictures. Such bold and sassy summer colors. I love the miniature sunflowres and the coneflower. I may do a daylilly post later today, my mom has some seedlings that she hybridized that are really beautiful. Enjoy that new computer.

Cheryl said...

Hi the conflowers, I do wish I could grown them here. I planted three.....they have is really so strange.

The sunflowers are cheerful, they always make me smile.

Cheeky rabbit! Love the corn, hasn't it grown.....

Glad you are having sunshine. We have torrential rain here. I have just come in from the osteopathe.....and I am soaked through.....we have this weather all week....poor wildlife, at least I am in the warm now.

Hope you get everything done.....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love the sunflowers Beckie. I have never grown Teddy. I wish I had gotten some seeds planted this year. I have a whole stack of seeds that didn't get planted. I hope they germinate next year. I plan to get them into the ground.

Stephanie said...

fresh corn all ways nice

Rose said...

Look at those sunflowers! I'm sure they will turn some heads as people drive by your garden. Unfortunately, the "Teddy" you gave me didn't make it, but next year I'll have to try again.
So much blooming in your garden! You know I love coneflowers; mine are finally blooming, too.
I don't think you'll have to water today:)

Perennial Gardener said...

Your coneflowers are beautiful Beckie. They are one of my favorite summer perennials. The sunflowers are gorgeous, I've never had any luck with them because the squirrels always get to them before they can even finish opening. Nice pics.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Beckie. Your coneflowers are looking good. I'm loosing a lot of them to that virus. I'm real unhappy about that.

Love your sunflowers! I want to try some of those hybrids next year. That fluffy one Teddy is so cute.

I've heard others don't like Vista as well either. Took me some time to get used to xp, now I like it. After a while you will get used to it. Hope you are able to get the photos off your old hard drive.

beckie said...

Beth, Thank you. The 'Teddy' seeds were sent from Cheryl and I just love them. Can't wait to see your Mom's daylilies. How neat that she does hybridizing. That's somethimg I have never tried.

Cheryl, I will send you tons of seeds to see if you can't get some started. I love the 'Teddy' Thank yo so much for the seed. I am going to save some for next year. The corn is just amazing-give it some hot days and a lttle rain and it really shoots up. We had a good rain this morning early about an inch so won't have to water tonight. Keep dry and warm, don't want you any sicker tham you are.

Lisa, I, too, didn't get all my seeds planted, but am sure they will do okay next year. Maybe we should store them in the fridge?

Stephanie, Sooo Right!

Rose, I will probably get some grumbles from the farmers because of the sunflowers. You know how they don't like for those to get in their fields. I will save some of the 'Teddy' seeds and share with you. They just bring a smile. Did you leave most of the cone flower seedlings? If so, you have a bed full, I'm sure. No watering today!

PG, so far, I've not had a problem with he squirrels eating the sunflowers. They just go after my bird feeders! I do love the cone flowers and swear I am going to break down and buy some of the different colors next year.

Marnie, Too bad about the virus! Hope it doesn't spread here. Is there anything you can use like spray or powder? The sunflowers are just such fun. So big and a real stand out in the gardens. I know a lot of my problem with the Vista is just learning something new, but were it has some improvement-it also deleted some good features too. Microsoft Works no longer has photo or scrapbooking pages. Duh! And I am sure not going to use all the data bases and spread sheets it has. But that's just me complaining. :)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I've seen that mystery Daylily before, but I can't remember who had it or its name. This is going to drive me nuts until I do remember. It's a nice one though.

Susie said...


That "Wineberry Candy" looks really pretty. I'd love to see it completely open.

beckie said...

MMD, been there, done that as they say. Hubbie and I will start talking about something then try to remember a name and it drive's me crazy trying to think of it. I can usually picture the face then just start going through names until maybe that night or two weeks from then and Ah ha! It finally comes to me. Oh the joys of getting older.

Susie, me too! It never did open and today has withered. There are more buds and hopefully one will open fully. I'll try to get a picture.

Gail said...

Wow on the daylilies, they look gorgeous! I love that even in shade they stand up tall! Coneflower and dayliles are show stoppers in the summer garden. I haven't ever grown sunflowers but wonder if all sunflowers follow the sun all day long?


beckie said...

Gail, i totally agree with you on the lilies and the cone flowers. My sun flowers don't seem to follow the sun-I'd forgotten they were supposed to. Maybe I am just not watching close enough.

The Garden Faerie said...

I also love purple cone flowers, but so does my groundhog. He doesn't touch the yellow ones, of course, of which I have about four times as many!! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your clumps!
~ Monica

Greg said...

Your corn looks great!! Sure is fun to watch the stuff your daylilies, particularly that wineberry thing...can't wait to hear if the other flowers open fully or continue the tulip impressions.

I've got lots of California Giant zinnia seedlings. I'll watch to see what color comes on first...