Saturday, July 5, 2008

Many $$$$ Later, I Am Back!

I am back! At the end of my last post I explained my computer was broken and would need repairs. Sadly, it could not be fixed, and it is going to take a miracle to get all my picture off the hard drive and on to discs.

My dear Hubby, knowing how addicted I am to blogging and how much pleasure I derive from my computer has bought me a new one. It is another Gateway laptop. In the 3 years since we got the other one, they have changed! This one is much lighter, it vents out the side so my lap doesn't get as warm, and it has 'Windows Vista' instead of Windows 98. I know I am getting older and it takes me longer to learn something new, but I don't care for Vista. It is not as user friendly and it doesn't have spell check while on the Internet. Oh, I could type my commentary into notes or some other window and spell check ten capture and copy-but that seems like a lot more work than should be necessary. For now, I'll just be happy that I am connected again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. We saw fire works with our daughter, son-in-law and 2 of the granddaughters. A small town near here puts on quite a display every year. This year we thought they were exceptional!

I do have a few flowers to share.

This is a dwarf sunflower, 'Teddy Bear' that I planted from seed sent from England by Cheryl. This one is only about 6" tall, but another one in a sunnier spot is about 2' tall-soon to bloom.

This is a new day lily this year ordered off the Internet. I'm not sure, now, but I think this is 'Little Business'. It amazes me how I can lose the tags with names. Before blogging I didn't save them, now I am trying to keep everything and writing in my garden journal the names and where they are planted. This one doesn't fit any of the descriptions. Oh well, it's still very pretty.

This may be the same variety, no name again, but it seems like I remember dividing one of the starts. I'm not sure what is going on with the petals-will wait to see what the next bloom looks like.
I have a lot of visiting and post reading to catch up on. And, I am sooooo looking forward to it. Hope your gardens are doing well, and the weeds are dying!


Rose said...

Perfect timing! I didn't expect to see a post from you today, so didn't check until just now. Glad you were able to get a new computer so soon, but I do hope you can get all your pictures saved--that's the important part.
I finally got around to posting again today--I have an award for you when you have time to stop by.

Perennial Gardener said...

It's good to see you back in the world of blogging Beckie. I hope everything works out with the new computer, vista and the pictures. Love your fireworks pics.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome back to blogland Beckie. So glad you weren't away too long. I remember not even being a blogger when my last computer went on the fritz and how frustrated I was then. I can only imagine how I would feel now. Those fireworks make it look like you had a good time while away.

Susie said...

Glad you're back Beckie. Wow, how nice of your hubbie to get you a laptop. My sis loves hers!

I felt a little disconnected from the blogging world today when our cable connection went out today.

Hope you can get all your pictures saved.

beckie said...

Rose, your post was great! Thanks for the award. I will pass it on shortly. Working on retrieving my pictures. Back up all your important stuff!

PG Thanks, vista is NOT as user friendly as '98, but I guess I wiil get use to it.

Lisa, isn't it amazing how we 'need' our connection? Almost like years ago when the phones went out. :)

Susie, hubby got me a laptop about 3 years ago when the Fibromyalgia was bad. I couldn't sit at the computer very long, but enjoyed being on it so much. With the lap top, I could sit in my recliner and surf to my hearts content. Actually it was good therapy as doing that helped take my mind off my pain.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie...good to see you up and running again, missed you being around.

What a fabulous firework display.....I hope you had a wonderful Indepence Day. The best firework disply I ever saw was in took my breath away......they had the 1812 overture playing as well. Extremely moving.

Glad the teddy bear sunflowers made it and I love the colour of the daylily....I am thinking of planting more next year.

Feeling much better today, tks for well wishes.....

hows the job going....enjoying????

beckie said...

Cheryl, glad you are feeling better. I have seen fireworks set to music and it is wnderful. Americans love their fireworks. Besides the teddy sunflowers, some of the poppies are still growing and the 'perle' tomato has a little tomato on it. I'm so excited. It is so good to be back on line-now if I can just get used to this Windows Vista!

Laurie & Chris said...

Welcome back!!Great firework pictures!!! We didn't see any this year.

Aiyana said...

Hi Beckie,
I'm in the market for a new computer myself. It's been almost 5 years since I got one--in other words, the one I'm using, although still working fine, is basically obsolete, even with Windows XP. I've considered laptops, but always decide on PCs.
Seems everyone has daylilies--maybe it's my turn!

Mountain Mama said...

You have a sweet hubby to get you a new computer.
As I scrolled down looking at your fireworks photos I couldn't help smile at your flowers because in a way they resemble fireworks too.

beckie said...

Laurie and Chris, thanks-it's good to be back with friends. I did get your tag and wiil do it shortly. Sorry you missed out on the fireworks. We enjoy them as much as kids!

Mountain Mama, he is a real sweetheart-guess that's why we've been married so long. Your right about the flowers. I hadn't noticed it. Good eye!

beckie said...

Aiyana, I love my lap top, and I can take it with me. It just amazes me how quickly technology moves forward. Not always for the better, however. Can you grow day lilies there? They are such beautiful flowers. Almost like orchids. Even though the bloom lasts for only the day, I am so happy to have them in my gardens.

Gail said...

It's marvelous to have a new computer but that learning curve can sure get to you!

After one of the other bloggers wrote about her computer crashing we immediately saved all my photos and other data to a small hard drive. I feel much's the photos more than anything else that I would hate to hopefully you will have all your photos restored soon!

We didn't see any fireworks shows this year so I very much appreciated yours!


beckie said...

Gail, as one gets older(me!) the learning curve is a 90 degree bend!
I kept promising myself to back up my pictures,but I can be such a procrastinator. The fire works were great and the evening was perfect for them.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Welcome back! I had 'Little Business' at my old house. From what I recall, it had a rounder form, although it might just be a difference in growing conditions. That looks like the color.