Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching Up! And Bees!

It has been two weeks since I last put a post up, and I have missed the connection to Blogger Land. I have explained in some comments that after a really busy week, my Internet was down for a week. This past weekend was our monthly visit with the granddaughters and then I have been working more than originally planned. Excuses aside, I have truly missed being able to contribute to the community of friends out there. So I hope you will forgive me. I promise to get caught up on my reading and will try to get back into a routine.

I have had so little free time , that I have not been able to enjoy my gardens as much as I would like. I did take a few minutes a couple of different days to go out and take a few pictures. It amazes me how much can change in a garden in just a short while. There are lots of zinnias blooming-ones I started from seeds. Gladiolas are blooming, cosmos, some wildflowers. The roses are still making buds and once in a while one will make to full bloom before the Japanese Beatles get to it. Day lilies are still so pretty and I ave a couple of trumpet lilies blooming. Russian Sage is in full flower, and I even have a few volunteer petunias. And last but not least, the WEEDS are taking over!

And I am so proud to announce, I have bees! They are loving the cone flowers. But it is so hard to get one to pose.

I'll admit you have to look really close to see this bee. He was as yellow as the sunflower!

Part of it was pollen on him, but he was definitely a yellow bee.

My sunflowers are doing very well. This is the week I have to record the number and type of bees seen on one in an allotted amount of time.

I finally pulled my pansies out of this container and managed to get it planted with some of the on sale annuals Rose and I found a couple of weeks ago. The caladium is from some bulbs I planted many weeks ago. They are finally starting to show up.

Many of my day lilies are in bloom now-some of them planted this spring. Unfortunately, I can't find the names! Oh well, there still pretty.

This is a trumpet lily I planted several years back. I thought for a while it was 'Star Gazer', but now I'm not so sure.

I have 2 plants-do they multiply like the Asiatic ones? If so, they are being very slow doing it.

Another unknown new one. The area where I have most of them planted will look much better when they all grow and begin to fill in.

This is one I planted last year-it only had a couple of blooms. This year, it has more than doubled in size and has had several scapes with lots of buds. I think next spring, I will divide it and move part to the day lily bed.

These flowers must be 8" across and just amaze me.

A ' Double Delight' the beetles missed!
I know this was a short post(for me anyway), but my time is still not my own. I am in the process of helping my Dad sell his place, negotiating with buyers and lawyers, finding a place for him to live, and trying to pack for the move the first weekend in August. I am working an extra day this week plus I have a 4 hr. training class I have to attend. My house looks like a tornado hit it and I am way behind on laundry. Cheryl laughed when I told her it was a zoo around here. But maybe zoo isn't the right word. Insane asylum describes it much better!
Hope you all have a great gardening week!


Perennial Gardener said...

I love that daylilly with the vibrant purple petals and yellow center. Gorgeous! That rose that escaped the beetles is a star too! Great blooms. I hope everything gets calmer for you soon. It can be a big adjustment going back to work after staying home for such a long time. We miss you in blogland too!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Beckie, I know you are really having a busy time. Good to see you back on the blog even if for a short visit.

Your daylily is very dramatic with that dark color.

I hope all else is going smoothly as possible.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie you just made me smile again with that last comment....

You have some wonderful hot colours in your garden....they really are lovely.
I love the one rose bloom that the japanese beetles missed, makes it even more precious.

I do hope things calm down for you pretty soon.....do take care and lovely to have your back posting.

Amy said...

Great to hear from you again - I had just come to leave a note and make sure you were okay :) Sounds like you've been incredibly busy. My in-laws have had to go through the process of selling homes, sorting through posessions and relocationing parents twice in the last couple of years. That's not an easy job. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Your flowers are looking so lovely!

Susie said...

Glad to see you back in blogland Beckie! Don't you just love those daylillies? They are so reliable and bloom without any help. Pretty pics.

Rose said...

Beckie, So glad you're back! The purple and white lily is gorgeous. If you ever divide it up and want to get rid of some, well you know where I live...

We've been friends long enough that I think I can tease you about this...I'm sure it was just a typo, but do the "Japanese Beatles" sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"??
Sorry; that just made me chuckle. (Of course, I've found myself making more spelling errors than I used to.)

Hope things calm down enough that you can get out and actually enjoy your garden soon:)

Mountain Mama said...

It's strange that you saw a yellow bee because I took a picture of one about a week ago. I don't recall seeing one so yellow before. They are pretty aren't they?
Your flowers are gorgeous. I especially like the purple lily with the yellowish center. It looks like a star.

Beth said...

Oh Beckie, welcome back! It is nice to catch up with your flower beds, they look beautiful in their full summer grandeur.

beckie said...

PG, I love that one too! Planning on dividing it next spring. I am slowly adjusting to working again-it's a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Lisa, Thanks. I am still having some trouble with the internet. Ugh!!

beckie said...

Cheryl, glad I could give you a smile. Life is interesting isn't it?! Am trying to keep my sense of humor. I was so pleased to get a rose during the beetle investation. This time of the year the roses are hit really hard.

Amy, thanks for your concern. I hope you are getting along okay. Just don't over do! Dealing with aging parents can be trying, but we still love them.

beckie said...

Susie, I think daylilies are a gardeners reward for having to put up with weeds and difficult plants.

Rose, I'll divide if you will! You know me and spelling-at least you didn't circle'beatles' with your red pen. :)

Gail said...


Glad you are back posting! Your daylilies are great looking, I like the one with the recurved petals,it looks like a deep lavender? I would say your sunflowers are really doing well! And having bees is a good reason to celebrate. I do whenever I see them...I am beginning to see a few more honeybees! Hooray! Did I miss the explanation of the bee count?


beckie said...

MM, I saw the same bee again today and sure enough he is yellow. I am really learning al lot about all the insects this year. My flowers are doing very well this year-probably because of all the rain we've had. Any way I am happy with them. It's just that the weeds are staying way ahead of me!

Beth, I can't tell you have islolated I have felt not being able to blog or keep up on my reading. I enjoy visiting with everyone so much. As I told MM, I am happy with the gardens this year. I have added a lot of new plants and they have extended the blooming season more than I could have hoped for.

beckie said...

Gail, The deep lavender is actually a dark bronzey color-hard to describe, but I love it. The bee count is in connection to the 'Great Sunflower Project'. We signed up, they sent seeds, we planted and then count types and numbers of bees during the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. It's to determine where bees are scarce and where not, then try to do something with all the data to improve the numbers of bees. It's interesting and has given me a great excuse to grow sunflowers.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

We've missed you too! I love all your Daylilies. They are in the color range that I like best. Oriental Lily bulbs do multiply. You might want to add a little bulb fertilizer next spring. I've divided my Lilies. It's quite a surprise when you dig them up & see the new bulbs.

Mary said...

Oh, my. You have a lot on your plate, Beckie! I understand the concept, "blog later..." Take care of yourself. I've been very neglectful, too.

Your lilies are beautiful! I envy your garden.


beckie said...

've been thinking about moving them to a more prominent spot so will look for new bulbs and add some fertilizer-thanks. I've been trying to add some different colors to the gardens with the lilies and am pleased so far with the results.

Mary, you've been on my mind lately-wondering how you are doing. Hope you are taking care of yourself. Your pony post was delightful and made me smile. I have worked hard in the garden this year after neglecting it for a long time. I am so glad you like it. But I am only showing the pretties and not the weeds!

spookydragonfly said...

I have that same asiatic lily that you mentioned as a stargazer...that's what I always thought mine was too, they have a beautiful scent!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Beckie. Sounds like you are going thru a really hectic time. LOL, don't we all just hate it when the real world keeps us away from the garden and the garden blogging!

I love your lily!!! What a delicate coloring. Next year I want to get several more to add to the little bed around my back door. Lilies don't bloom over a long time period but they are so elegant.

joey said...

Enjoyed catching up, Beckie. Summer is sizzling in your garden ... I too have many bees (thank goodness). Indeed, your sunflowers are doing VERY WELL :)

beckie said...

Spookydragonfly, welcome to my blog. It is so nice to hear from new people. I loved your blog-keep up the great posts. It does take a while to get into this, but you are doing well. If the Oriental lily isn't 'star gazer', it's a close cousin. Either way, I am enjoying it.

Marnie, real life does get in the way sometimes. Lilies are such a delight and I am going to add more next year too! Will have to study the catalogs this winter.

Joey, it was so good th hear from you. I knew you were spending time at the lake-but 2+ months! Wow, that sounds great. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy!

Wendy said...

Wow Beckie! I hope you can slow down a bit. Just reading this post is making me tired!
Your sunflowers are really doing well. I wish I could grow some here. Our soil is not right and we don't get a lot of sun. This is why I do a lot of "container gardening".

I don't post or read as much in summer, I'm discovering. I just want to be outside, so I truly understand you with your busy, busy, life. Take some time to enjoy your garden. Our season is so short. Nice to catch up with you.

Jane Marie said...

I love the big puprle daylily! WOW! I hope you can come up with the name. Maybe someone will recognize it.