Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Little Whimsy, A Little Gardening!

I have been reading in others' posts about 'Whimsy' in their gardens. Gardening Gone Wild's designer workshop this month in Whimsy in the Garden. I have loved all the art work, fanciful and playful creatures, and downright silliness. I don't have much, as I just can't seem to find things that jump out at me and say 'take me to your garden'. But I decided to show you what I do have. What would Dragonfly Corner be without a dragonfly?

And you may remember the antique lightning rods rescued from the roof when we put on new shingles. I have 3 of these-only 2 have the glass balls. This one has a morning glory growing up it that is the same color blue as the ball. Another one is covered ball and all with a moon plant.

I have always loved yard or garden flags(I think that is what they are called). This is my first year to have one. Notice the Kobold liatris beside it that is just starting to bloom. I found these bulbs at Aldi's (discount grocery) this spring for a really good price. My first time for these, too.
And that is my little bit of whimsy. I have been thinking of adding more, but probably not til next spring. Maybe I just need to loosen up a little and let whimsy take hold.

This is a container with my yellow impatiens that I paid a fortune for. I am not very happy with them as they are much more a peachy color. Maybe they are getting too much sun. But what I really wanted to show you were the Bells of Ireland! I started these from seed and was so pleased to see them actually bloom. They would have looked great with a yellow to contrast or compliment the pale green. Oh well, they are still pretty.

I just had to show Silver Mound Artemisia, another first for me. Planted this spring from an 8" pot, it has more than doubled in size! I think I will have to get some more of this next year. What a great plant. Above and beside it are some pass along plants. Yarrow from Rose and I'm not sure now about the top one.

A small mass of zinnias started from seed indoors.

This was the first day lily I ever planted. I have had it about 5 years now and divided it 3 times. It is a prolific bloomer and a fast grower. Wish I knew the name! (sigh)

Yellow glads planted to try and get some other colors in my garden besides pink and purples. I did plant some purple ones thinking the combination of colors would be pleasing. As it turns out the purples were more lilac with white throats and they bloomed a lot earlier than the yellows. Not all plans work out the way you want.

My coral bells are blooming, although they are puny little flower stalks. I have seen some with blooms that really show. I shouldn't complain as the foliage is exceptionally nice this year.

My first delphinium! This is one of those plants I bought a little later in the spring. It is supposed to be Magic Fountain Lavender. Even taking into account the camera's penchant for turning purples into blues, this is not lavender. So, I'm not sure what the actual name is. But being as it is purple-it can stay!

Some of the caladium bulbs I planted have really grown large leaves. This one is cupped and holding rain drops from the light showers we had the night before. The red doesn't exactly go with the pink and purple wave petunias, but does look good next to the sweet potato vine. As large as this vine has gotten, next year I am thinking of doing a container of just them and a couple of tall plants-maybe the dark red spikes they have now.

And lastly, Sum and Substance is blooming. I love the big snow white flowers almost as much as I do the hosta's leaves. If you look really closely or enlarge this picture, you will see..... did you guess? A Japanese Beetle! I couldn't believe they were going after another kind of plant. They are really being obnoxious this year, sampling just about every plant and bloom in my garden.
This is probably it from Dragonfly Corner for this week. We have the 'big move' on Saturday. I am going to my Dad's Tuesday to help (do) with the packing. He will be staying with us for a couple of weeks while waiting for his new apartment to become empty. Luckily, we can store all of his things in the garage of the new place.
I hope all enjoy their gardens this week!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Becky, You do have a pretty garden. Your touches of whimsy are just fine. It just goes to show you are a more serious gardener than say..I am. tee hee...

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Enjoyed your walk around your garden. I thought your little touches of whimsy were nice. There are lots of gardeners who don't like that kind of thing, but I think our gardens (like our blogs) are our own personal expressions that are unique to us, and you should be able to do what you want and express your creativity how you like.

Rose said...

Beckie, You and I just aren't very whimsical, are we? I did buy a little rabbit the other day, but like you say, nothing has really "grabbed" me otherwise. I bet no one else has lightning rods in their garden, though! I really like the way they look.

Your delphinium looks great! Mine never did well, and now I can't even find it:) My yellow/peach impatiens is really growing, but you're right that it's not very yellow.
I can't believe the beetles found the hostas, too.

Hope everything goes smoothly with getting your Dad moved and settled in.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hey Beckie, love the Bells of Ireland. Very unusual.

I always mean to get caladium. Seeing yours, I wish I would have.

Perennial Gardener said...

I like your whimsy Beckie. The lightening rods are fabulous as is your dragonfly. I love the delphinium, but I am always drawn to them because I just seem to grow them here. The Bells of Ireland are very interesting too. Your garden is looking very pretty this summer.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie....get that japanese beetle of that lovely white bloom....I can so understand your loathing of them....I never thought I would say that!!!

You have some lovely colours there Beckie...and seem to have done so well in your garden this year.....

Love your whimsy....especially the dragonfly.....I could quite easily find a spot for that....

I do hope the move goes well.....I have done that three times for family in the last three years....it is so exhausting but that is what we do.......

Gail said...

hi Beckie, I love the antique lightening rods! Yours are the first I've ever seen with glass balls. Does this mean that your house isn't safe from lightening strikes!!

Belles of Ireland are a most unusual flower...yours are the first i've seen in a garden, usually it's in a garden magazine photo.

You have just the Beckie amount of whimsy...in other words it's perfect!

joey said...

I love your garden, Beckie ... I'm much into touches of 'whimsy', as you might know. Your dragonfly is YOU ... a must! 'Sum and Substance' is on hold here till a bit later ... always a joy to see and photograph.

beckie said...

Lisa, thanks, but I didn't show you all the weeds that are growing. I just can't seem to keep up with them.You are one of the most serious gardeners I know! I do love the little touches in others' gardens, I just haven't found my niche yet I guess.

Morning Glories, I'm glad you enjoyed my garden and the whimsy. You are right about gardening and blogs being personal. And I'm glad-life would be pretty boring if we all were the same.

Rose, maybe we just need to find a different place to shop for our garden accessories. I feel a day trip coming up! The delphinium must have liked the spot I chose for it. Now the foxglove and the 2 larkspurs didn't and have died. So win some, lose some I guess. The 'move' has become all consuming now and we(I) are in high gear. I'll let you know on Monday if I am still sane.:)

beckie said...

Marnie, the Bells of Ireland were an impulse purchase. I was looking for seeds I thought I could start indoors and happened to see them. They looked so pretty, I just had to try. Out of the 12 I planted 6 lived to be transplanted and only 2 of those made it to bloom. But I am still happy with them. Put Caladium bulbs on your list for next year! I already have more on mine than I can afford.

PG, I am very pleased with the delphinium and will cross my fingers hoping it comes back next year. the lightning rods have turned out to be conversation pieces! Maybe nex year I can get vining perennials started on them.

Cheryl, I had to laugh at the comment about the beetles! I thought if anyone could find good in them it would be you. So glad you didn't...now I can really despise them. For the most part, I am pleased with the gardens this year. I have done more to them than in the last 10 years combined-it was fun. That dragonfly did say 'take me home'. Like I told Rose, if I am still sane next week this time, I'll have it made. :)

beckie said...

Thanks Joey. I can see you having lots of surprises in your garden- that's they way you come across in your blog. Don't you just love Sum and substance? The leaves are wonderful and then those huge flower stalks. What more could you ask for in a plant!

Aiyana said...

Very pretty. I love Artemisia and have several plants. They get real woody after a couple of years, but when they are lush and full, they are wonderful!
I guess I'll have to check out the 'Whimsy' stuff. This is the first time I've seen it mentioned.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's not just a dragonfly, but a dragonfly in 4 corners - I love it! The lightning rods look fantastic now. Makes me want to prowl around the antiques flea market & some architectural salvage stores. Did you plan to match up the Liatris color with the garden flag? They look great together. I hope the move goes smoothly.

Susie said...

Beckie, I love your dragonfly. Every garden needs a little whimsy. Your blooms are looking really good too. Hope all goes well with your dad's move.

Mary said...


You sure brightened my evening. I love WHIMSICAL! Annie in Austin shared her whimsies today and now I have another post idea!

Red Spotted Purple? I've never seen one.

You have a lovely, lovely garden. So inviting and calm. I can just feel the serenity ooze when I visit.


beckie said...

Aiyana, what do you do with them when they get woody? Can you cut them back? The 'whimsy' posts have been fun to look at. I've seen some cute things.

MMD, Good one! I hadn't thought of the 'corners' aspect. One of the bloggers has used part of an old TV antenna as a support for a climbing Blackeyed Susan! I would love to go to an architectual salvage place-the things we could find. No, the liatris and the flag were a happy accident. :)

Thanks Susie, I don't have much, but am always on the look out for dragonfly items. If I can get through the next week, I'll be happy-maybe not sane but happy!

Mary, thank you. Isn't that an odd name for a blue and black butterfly?? I see them occasionaly, but was so happy he posed for me. The garden my look calm, but the weeds are lurking- ready to take control at moments notice!

Mountain Mama said...

Your antique lightning rod is so pretty and the morning glory of the same color too. Did you plan that?
Love your flowers too. Sorry I don't know the name of your Daylily, but it sure is a pretty one. The yellow center looks like a shining star.

garden girl said...

Hi Beckie, your garden is beautiful. I love your touches of whimsy, especially the lightning rod. Very cool!

That's a gorgeous daylily, and what a beautiful hosta bloom - very showy!

I think your red, purple, and pink are very nice together. I have a lot of pink and purple too, and I like adding touches of red here and there.

I hope the move went well!