Monday, June 9, 2008

In The Good Ole Summer Time....!

The joys of being young on a hot summer day! Dressing in Papa's t-shirts and running through the sprinkler on a day that reached 91, is an pastime handed down through the ages. Oh to be young again!

We unexpectedly had 3 of our granddaughters this weekend and of course that meant we had all 7 girls. We absolutely love have the girls with us. Each personality is so different and enjoyable to see.

Waterfall, Midwest's version. This is rain water running out of a field of planted corn taking with it valuable topsoil. We had another 3 + inches Friday night and Saturday morning. There is just nowhere for the water to go.
Drainage ditches are running brim full and rivers are out of their banks. We have flood warning out for several counties and some low lying areas are being evacuated. Thankfully, we live in a higher area and have only suffered a damp basement. I feel for the farmers trying to get their crops in the ground and seeing the ones already planted standing in water. Food prices will go up as a direct result.

On a lighter note, "Mr. Lincoln" delivered 2 perfect roses this weekend. This rose is always a reliable bloomer.

And speaking of roses! The blooms on this root stock have delighted me and all the neighbors who keep asking what kind it is. I guess I am going to leave it another year. It is hard to cut down something that is blooming it's heart out.

I've gotten most of my containers planted and am happy with the results. The rain has kept them watered and they seem to be growing great guns. This is an old bird bath that doesn't hold water anymore, but I couldn't throw away. Instead, I have used is as a plant stand for a couple of years now. This one is planted with 'Ipomoea-Sweet Caroline' bewitched, 'Penstemon' apple blossom, and zinnia 'Profusion Cherry'.

Another barrel, planted with pink and purple wave petunias, sweet potato 'Marguerite' and a 'Pentas'.

This one, one of three sitting by the back door, has a 'pink suberbena', 'Batata' sweet potato vine, and a 'coleus-jade green'. I also have a pink 'dragon wing', dark blue 'superbena', 'pride' coleus-a pink and green combination of color- more 'profusion cherry' zinnias and caladium bubs planted in the other 2.

One of my granddaughters who is 9 is a budding photographer. She took a few pictures of my flowers. This is a 'blush' impatient that is planted in a container that fits around the umbrella pole over our patio table. When it fills in a little more I will show it to you.

This is a close up of the pink 'superbena'. I though she did a pretty good job.
I hope those of you who need rain get some this week, and those of us who don't have a dry spell. In other words, have a great week of gardening!
(I apologise for the look of this post-blogger is doing it's own thing today!)


Beth said...

Beckie! 7 granddaughters--you are RICH!!!! How fun it must be to have them all together. Thanks for the pictures of the flooding, I've been hearing about it on the news. Stay safe.

Amy said...

I just can't believe all the flooding and storming going on in the USA right now - it really is terrible. I'm glad to hear you're in a higher spot!

Wow, seven granddaughters at once - you must be an energetic grandma :)

Wendy said...

Oh yes Beckie - all your granddaughters at once. You are rich!!
I also have heard about the flood waters. Do stay high and dry.
Loved your pics - especially the roses. Isn't it always the way? You want to cut something down and it blooms or behaves in a way you don't want it to?? Or you hope something will bloom for a special occasion - and it doesn't?
Ah well, the life of a gardener. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Happy gardening to you too!

Rose said...

Beckie, You can't cut those roses down when they bloom like that! That's a clever idea to use your old birdbath as a planter; I've never noticed it before.
Nice combinations of flowers--I still am not done planting all mine.
I agree--no more rain!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Beckie. It looks like the girls are had a great time at your house. Indeed I do remember those days of children romping in the sprinkler. FUN

That rose is a keeper even if you don't know what it is. Your planters are filling in fast with all this rain keeping them watered. We are getting some rain this evening. It is needed on our garden believe it or not. Most of the rain has gone around us so I am not complaining tonight.

beckie said...

Beth, we are indeed rich! They are dearer to us than life. The water today is receding a little, but the fields will take a couple of weeks.

Amy, it is widespread, but there are areas that are in their second year of drought. If only we could figure a way to even it out. I hope you are doing okay. I know it's tough, but hang in there. I have been wondering about you. The two older girls, 15 and 16 help out so much and of course Papa. But is nice to have them all here.

Wendy, you are so right about the life of a gardener. We baby and pamper and it still dies, but stick something in the ground and forget about it and it thrives! I shouldn't complain about the is the farmers who are suffering.

Rose, that's because you are never by here anymore! It sits out front to balance the small table and chairs on the other side of the walk. Maybe tomorrow we can get the rest of our plants in the ground.

Lisa, when we were kids, we had a simpler way of life-I think better actually. So glad you are getting some rain. I know you are getting flood waters coming down the rivers, but if you are in a higher area...The planters are filling in, I couldn't believe how much in just a few days. Hope your flowers appreciate all your efforts. BTW, I did transplant some iris about a week ago and they look like they are going to make it. Thanks!

No Rain said...

Besides being beautiful, Mr. Lincoln is also the best smelling rose in my book! I've been seeing the photos of all the flooding in the Midwest and it is amazing. One newcast showed fields of corn underwater, and houses being washed away. Very sad. Your grand daughter is off to a good start as a photographer!

Cheryl said...

How wonderful to have your granddaughters...I can imagine the fun and chaos it causes. I bet there is much laughter in your house.

My heart goes out to the farmers and I pray that the sun comes to you all soon.

How could you cut back a rose that blooms so freely. She is lovely Beckie, enjoy those gifts.

Your tubs are doing well and the rain has probably helped you there.

Wishing you all well.....

joey said...

Love that your granddaughter is a 'budding' photographer, Beckie! My grandboys (5 & 6) both have cameras and follow 'Mimi' (me) around the garden. My heart aches for the flood victims. Many (including one son) are still out of power after huge damaging storms covering a wide-spread area hit here on Sunday. We were blessed to return home and find all fine though huge trees were up-rooted down the street. Stay safe!

beckie said...

Aiyana, I do love Mr. Lincoln. As you said it has a wonderful old time rose scent and is such a good bloomer. We were lucky here, just the poor farmers got hit hard. I let all the girls use my camera(supervised of course!) and the 15 yr old has one of her own that I am envious of.

Cheryl, Chaos is right. Of course with all those girls it's a good thing we have 3 bathrooms! I don't worry much about keeping the house in order when they are here-we just have a good time.
That rose is just going to stay I guess. Always room for such a trooper!

Joey, I'm so glad no damage at your house, but oh, the loss of trees on your street is so sad. Hope your son gets power back soon.
Grandsons-how wonderful! And thanks again for that recipe, I can't wait to try it!

Laura said...

I am so glad that you have such a positive attitude right now. Isn't it great how kids can remind us of the simpler things in life? It's wonderful that you allow them to have fun in the sprinkler (instead of saying, "not today, the ground is just too wet") or telling your granddaughter not to touch the camera because she might drop it or not focus it right.

Keep encouraging them in all the positive things that they do- they are, after all, the future of this country!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I really like your container combinations, hot pink, lime, purple - my favorites. I see your camera also plays color shifting games with purple & blue flowers. Stay high & dry.