Monday, June 16, 2008

A Few New Blooms and Some Repair Work!

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, June -2008 was quite a success! And all of the credit goes to Carol at May Dreams Gardens. I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening visiting many old friends and along the way made some new acquaintances. It was a wonderful way to spend time on a hot, muggy day. I so enjoy seeing the varied gardens and climes and in the process I am learning so much. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the wonderful flowers and gardens. And thank you to all who visited my post!

I didn't think I had too much more to show this week, but in the gardening world, I have learned never say never. One of my favorite Asiatic Lilies-name unknown-has started to open. This is one of those DIPT ones I mentioned in my last post. Every year this lily produces more bulbs, and I guess it must be the original one, has up to 15 blooms on one stalk. It truly amazes me!

The camera didn't quite catch the color of this one. It is more of a creamy pale yellow than it is white. Maybe in a different light I can capture the truer color.

This one is white and is in with the brightly colored yellow ones. Such a pretty combination...I wish I could take credit for it.

I know I showed Apple Blossom before, but now there are these 3 lovely ones on the same stalk.

Okay, now we get to the heart of this post. I went plant shopping, yet again! And I called Rose to join me. You know to 'enable' me. We met at a nursery in a nearby small town. No sales yet, but some very healthy looking plants. I bought several 'superbenas' in burgundy and deep purple. A 'verbena' lani, upright purple mosaic. I had not seen this one before and fell in love! Also purchased were 'angelface' dresden blue, 'mexican heather' allyson lilac, a cleome-linde armstrong, an Astilbe, and a pink perennial phlox.
But there was a good reason for the new plants, as you can see below.

This poor purple wave petunia in the top of one of the whiskey barrels looks pathetic. It has not grown and is struggling to even survive. It might, by the end of September start to look okay, but I am not willing to wait. I want pretty now.

I replaced it with one of the new superbenas. Looking better already!

Now, we are getting there. Some of the other plants went in to already planted containers as well. The more I looked at them, the more bare they seemed. So I will give them a little while to settle in and fill out and then I will show them to you.

I have been so impressed with photos of the skies on other blogs, that when I looked out my front door late Sunday evening and saw this, I ran for my camera.

We had severe thunderstorm warnings for our area and I was keeping an eye out for hail and damaging winds.

Fortunately, we got only some wind and very little rain. I ended up having to water my plants!
Have a good gardening week!


Alyssa said...

Beckie - Love, love, love those lilies! I can't get enough of lilies and plant more every year (they seem to get eaten by critters a lot). I can never remember names because there are so many different ones each new gardening season. Fifteen blossoms on one stem must be a record!

It looks like you and Rose have hit the jackpot again at the garden center. That super-verbena looks great and filled up the upper planter in your barrel. I know what you mean about pretty NOW. I jam as much in as possible and let them fight it out. At least the planters are almost full right away. Your whiskey barrel looks very pretty already and I'll bet by the end of the season it will be over-flowing!!

Nancy said...

The barrel is wonderful! You've chosen some great plants to cascade over the edges. I use my (plastic) half barrels as small water gardens (3 of them) and a planter for a young fig tree (1 of them). The water lily in my post was growing in a half barrel.

I grow asiatic lilies too, and in Houston, I'm not supposed to have any good results with them...but I do, but to do it they must be in pots and in an area that's protected from direct sunlight, but still sunny. Not an easy thing to have. lol

The nice thing about living in a zone 9 garden is never having to dig up anything. The canna just grow year round.

Rose said...

Beckie, Your lilies are stunners! My aunt gave me a few freebies, but they have yet to bloom (the ones that were not mowed down by hubby, that is). The verbena really worked well in those planters. All in all, I don't think we got too carried away yesterday.
Rose, aka the plant enabler

Perennial Gardener said...

I love the whiskey barrel planter. All your Asiatic Lillies look great. And the pictures of the sky were amazing.

beckie said...

Alyssa, thanks! Do you mean deer when you say critters? I saw some deer repellent at a nursery the other day-does that not work? I was going to be sooo good this year and just wait for the planters to fill in...but after 2 weeks just couldn't take the bare look anymore.:)

Nancy, now that's a good use for those plastic ones! Oh no..I feel water garden envy coming on. I could do that, even put a small fountain in there. Jeez, this garden blogging could get expensive!
I bet that is a trick to find sun with out is being to direct. I'm glad you get them to grow, and even if they are here for a short while-they are just so pretty.

Rose, I though we did remarkably well, considering how nice every thing looked. Can't wait to see your lilies in bloom. Now there's an idea for expanding your plant selection-your Aunt. I know she would share even more with you. But that would mean new beds...we will have to plan those this winter. I know you are going to want more after we go on that garden walk!

PG, thanks. I had been wanting to try pictures of the sky for sky watch Friday. Can't remember who hosts that now, but they have some beautiful photos. I am hoping those barrels just overflow with blooms soon. The raised planter in the middle is new this year. I can see in y mind how I want them to look, but...

Mary said...


Beautiful lilies, scary sky! One evening last week our sky looked like that - the temperature dropped ten degrees and the winds picked up speed. The radar said we were getting rained on. Not so! We had a dry rain - all the moisture evaporated before it landed.

Wild, huh?


Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm crazy about lilies too.

I bought a dark variety at HD one day and had my face buried in it trying to see if it had scent. I didn't notice people look at me oddly but they must have been. When I caught a glimpse of my face in the rear view mirror I had huge smears of dark pollen all around my eyes and nose. Like a goofy clown.

Laura said...

Beckie- When I looked at that first picture, I wondered how you got a picture of my lilies! Mine just started blooming yesterday. They are next to a Johnson Blue Geranium. I think that combination looks good. Love the other pictures too.

I also want a water feature; I have a fountain that's been stored in the shed. I just have to figure out where to put it & maybe I can get my husband to move it for me- it's concrete and heavy!

Cheryl said...

Love the white lily they smell? I love to see them grouped together.

My verbena have not done very well at all and I am not sure why. Very disappointing as I love them in barrels.

I couldn't agree more, some of the shots of skies have been stunning.
I love yours, so moody, and I just love moody skies.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love your lillies Beckie. Your whiskey barrel looks much better with your new verbenas. It will really fill out now. And your sky pictures are terrific. It is scary to have thunderstorms coming in but they make for some fine sky pictures.

beckie said...

Mary, I've thought about you and your drought when we've had our rains. Wish I could share them with you. I've seen on radar were we are supposed to be getting rain-but none hits the ground. It must be very disappointing. I was sooo pleased with my shy photos. Don't have to have macro mode for those!

Marnie, we gardeners aren't responsible for our actions when it comes to plant shopping. But I'll bet you did make a sight with the pollen on your face! :)

Cheryl, the white one doesn't smell, but the creamy yellow one does. A light delicate fragrance. Very nice. But you have to get pollen on your nose to smell it.(See Roses and Lilacs comment):)
This is the first year I have had verbena so I am not sure how it will do. Rose has had good luck with hers in the past so I decided to try it. Could be it's just been to cool and damp for yours.?? Moody skies-what a great description!

Lisa, Thanks! I am hoping for some filling out. Like I have said I want it NOW. Your bud vases for your birthday were wonderful. And I loved the 'Luna' bag. Such a thoughtful daughter.(btw- a little T bird showed me pictures.)

Naturegirl said...

Beckie your lilies are way ahead of mine! My wee buds are just forming!
I still have ones that I'll post soon!
Those skies look what we have been having here as of this week! Lots of rain on the garden is good!
Thank you for the sweet comments on my latest post!
I wish you a beautiful day in the garden! aNNa

Mountain Mama said...

I found you at Kerri's and decided to come see your flowers.
Your lily's are so pretty. I have some but have to fight the slugs to keep them. I'm up in northwest Washington and it's pretty wet here.
I enjoyed seing your flowers.

beckie said...

Anna, glad you are getting some rain. We are fortunately having a drying out spell. I'd say we are a couple of weeks ahead of you. Can't wait to see your peonies.

Mountain Mama, thanks for visiting! I love the area around Seattle. I was amazed at the lushness of the area and how tall the roses were. Lovely country.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I can just see the nursery owners smiling & rubbing their hands together when they see you & Rose coming. I planted Angelonia 'Angelface Dresden Blue' also. So far its doing what its supposed to do.