Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walk on the Wildside 2

This past weekend was granddaughter time again. The house comes alive with laughter, noise, laundry and cooking! Amidst all of that, we had party for all of the April birthdays-there are 5 of them. 2 granddaughters, a daughter, a son-in-law and Hubby all were born in April. The party was NOT here this time and that made it even more fun for me. :) We did bake and frost 2 cakes, made a batch of brownies and a big bowl of from scratch coleslaw with lots and lots of help from the grands.

The adventure-a walk in the same woods of 2 weeks ago, we saved for Sunday afternoon. It was a little wet and the plants and briers had all grown some, but that didn't stop us! Our first wildflower...

is unknown, but has very tiny delicate blooms.

Next we saw Mayapples. I was thinking they should be in bloom, when one of the girls looked underneath and found the flower.

One to a plant, and you had to get low to see them, but it was well worth the effort.

The girls and I decided this one was pretty enough to bring home to my gardens, but we thought better of it and left it for the woodland creatures to enjoy. Any ideas on what it's name is?

Golden Ragwort-thanks Linda @ Garden Girl!

We visited the tadpoles again, showing the youngest granddaughter the joys of scooping them up in cupped hands. This was her first walk in the woods. Fortunately, none of the girls are squeamish and all seem to enjoy anything to do with nature. : ) Just past the pond we saw this tree with these buds. Looks almost like a honeysuckle bud, but it is a tree. Again, I need an ID.

I've saved the best for the last. At least, I think so. I am thinking it is some type of lily. It reminds me of a peace lily in shape-sort of. What do you think it is?

                              Jack in the Pulpit or Lords and Ladies-thanks to Lisa, Cheryl and Joey!

What would a walk in the woods be with out climbing on a fallen tree?

One final note. If any one would like baby maple trees, just let me know....

I have a gazillion of them!

To all those who have suffered damage from the storms and flooding, take care and know we are all praying for you.

Have a great gardening week!