Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bye-Bye Chicago!

Spring Fling 2009 is history, sadly. But oh, what a wonderful fun filled few days it was! Meeting the people behind the blogs was the very best part for me. And then it was a tie for second favorite-the beautiful gardens and the fabulous food. :)

Rose and I drove up, with her doing an awesome job of managing the traffic in Chicago. I was the navigator and for the most part, I didn't get us lost. We found our hotel and had the car parked, enjoying the curbside valet service and bell persons to help us with our luggage. We are both not morning people and opted for the later activities of the three days. This post will be a very abbreviated synopsis of our itinerary. In later posts, I hope to share more photos and tell a little more of the great bloggers we met. Plus, I intend to go into more detail about all the places and gardens we saw.

Friday, we (Rose and I and a few others) went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens on the later train. To do these gardens justice, you would have to spend days there.

Tree Peony, or the triplets!

Hill sides of poppies, or Heaven!

Waiting at the Glencoe station to go back to the city. It was raining.

Sunny in the city. The Lurie Gardens.

Friday night reception. Rose and I did a lot of talking.

Saturday lunch at Andersonville. FABULOUS!!!

A most unusual iris at Carolyn Gail's gorgeous garden

Frances taking a picture of a butterfly on my bag with butterflies
on her hand and flying toward her!

Again, we are eating! Saturday evening at the best Chicago style pizzeria.

Sunday morning at the 'bean' in Millennium Park

We were such tourists!

Bye-Bye Chicago. Buffalo here we come!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi dear blogging friends! It has been over a week since I last posted-where does the time go?? For me it has been work, gardening and granddaughters. and of course getting ready for Spring Fling. :)

Our weather has cleared and we have had glorious warm sunny days that are finally drying out the ground enough to get a few plants in. I have managed to get some new plants-annuals and perennials planted, and have done a few containers. That's the good news. The bad is I still have several more to plant and of course lots of weeds to pull. I also need to put down a lot of mulch!

The Painted Daises are blooming. I love their hot pink color against the deep green of the ground cover vinca. Unfortunately, blogger or my Internet connection is not letting me add any more photos at this time so you will have to take my word for it.

My clematis unknownist is blooming! This year it has more than one bloom. I have babied this plant for 3 years now and it looks as though this may be the year it finally comes into it's own.

What would a post by me be without a super macro shot??
As I said above, I have been having a lot of trouble with either blogger or my Internet. I can't visit from my side bar and even when I go to one of your posts, I often can't leave a comment. But I am reading most of your posts and enjoying seeing your late spring gardens.
I first noticed this on Perennial Garden Lover's sight. So Racquel, if you are reading this....I have been reading your delightful posts. It may have something to do with my security settings-I am going to have my son-in-law check it out soon.

I have had bird photo envy for a long time. Actually ever since I started reading blogs. When I was deciding about a new camera, I had to chose between super macro and super zoom due to the budget. :) Really I have not been sorry that I went with the macro, but every once in a while... So you have to click to enlarge this and the next picture to really see them. The cat and I were walking the gardens the other evening when I heard lots of scolding. Looking up I saw this female cardinal first and then---

very close by the male cardinal. I have a feeling there is a nest in this tree and we were getting too close. Especially the cat. After a couple of quick pictures we left the area and let them get back to the business of nesting. ( The cat had to be physically persuaded to leave!)
Spring Fling is next weekend and I am sooo looking forward to meeting all the bloggers and seeing the gardens Chicago has to offer. It sounds as if we will be very busy. After we get home and I get all my photos downloaded, I want to get back to the business of blogging on a regular basis. Surely by then, life will be less complicated(famous last words). Until then...
Have a Wonderful Memorial Day and enjoy your gardens!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I have missed Mish Mash Monday, didn't post in time to be a part of Blooming Tuesday-so I am going for Wordless Wednesday. But you know me, I'm not too wordless!

One of the beautiful crepe paper poppies at my Mother-in-Law's.

Angelique tulips still blooming and looking great in the garden.

And of course a super macro photo of them.

A cornflower in bloom. Notice anything unusual?
I hope you are having a wonderful time in your gardens! Spring Fling starts in 2 weeks and 2 days. Better get packing and get your walking shoes on!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mish Mash Monday!

Good Monday morning to all! I hope you are ready to start another week of gardening fun and of course maybe work. :) It was a beautiful weekend here with the sun shinning, little wind blowing and temps in the mid 60's. Perfect weather to be out side working in and enjoying the gardens.
* this post was written this am, so go with me here. :)

Monica of Garden Faerie's Musing did a post last Monday called Mish Mash Monday and I thought it such a great way to show the odds and ends of photos and to tell of this and that. I don't have too much of this and that and seem to have mostly pictures of coming attractions in my garden, but did want to share them with you. I would have had a few more...but sometime last evening blogger quit loading photos for me. I don't know if this is just my problem or if it is something new (else) with blogger. I suppose time will tell.

Remember my attempt at a rock garden last year? This is Rock Soapwort, Saponaria ocymoides. Covered with these tiny pink blooms, it is very attractive in amongst the rocks. Honestly, I was going to show a full picture of it. When I planted this last summer, it was already done blooming, so this has been a pleasant surprise to see the delicate blooms.

The wild violets are really coming into their own this past week. Who could not love these sweet little mounds of blooms. I do admit to pulling some new starts out here and there, but a few have placed themselves very strategically and add a spot of color to bare areas.

Can you guess what bloom this is?? Of course this is a super macro photo so you know their blooms are very tiny. Give up? It is the flower on my Bayberry bush. The underside of it's arching branches are just covered with these delicate little beauties.

I transplanted a couple of Heavenly Blue morning glories and Moon flowers into bigger containers. It is still a little early to plant them in the ground. Last week I put all my seedlings outside in a semi-protected place. They are getting morning sun and are doing very well.

The cone flowers are sending up shoots in all sorts of places. I will have plenty to share at Spring Fling! Aren't you getting excited about going? I have started my lists of things to take. If I don't make lists, it doesn't seem to get done. I am sure none of you have that problem though.

One of the iris I transplanted from my Mother-in-law's last summer has a bud already. Not sure what color this one will be. And when they bloom this year, I am going to see if I missed getting any colors. It was the middle of summer when I mentioned that I would like to transplant some of these from her yard, but thought I should wait until fall. Lisa commented she thought it would be fine to do it any time and I did-right in the heat! They all grew and I am so pleased. Thanks, Lisa for the great gardening tip!

The cornflowers have triplied in size from the starts I planted that were pass-alongs from my cousin. And now they are getting buds. I am so excited to have these great old fashioned flowers in my garden!

The artemesia is also budding. This was one of the mystery plants that I didn't remember planting and had no clue as to what it was. But thanks to several bloggers it was identified. I still don't remember planting it, but the cousin who gave me the cornflowers says it was from her, also.

And finally, I have buds in my daisies. These were the very dark pink ones that we finally decided were Painted Daisies last summer. The mound of them is getting quite large and I think I will try to divide it after they bloom. I love dividing plants...freebies to plant in the garden.

Hopefully, next post I will be able to upload photos once again. I want to show the 2 new roses we planted and the bluebells my neighbors gave me.

Until then, have a great garden week!